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Originally Posted by slimjohnson13
Ummm...I was just seeing if it was possible to slightly taper a pair of jeans. Thanks to those who actually responded to my question.
Um, yes, it is possible, but more difficult to do than with regular trousers, so you're probably better off just getting new jeans. Oh, and Styleforum threads never stay on topic, especially not if it goes past, say, one page
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Originally Posted by LA Guy
Hey Jet,

I really didn't mean to offend I really lived in LA when this board started, and then moved to Boston, but I'd been "LA Guy" for so long it would have been wierd, and maybe a little confusing, to change handles. The explanation for my handle is that simple. Also, a lot of my aesthetic is informed by things I learned on the West Coast, so I thought the handle was still appropriate.


Okay, guys, time to dial down the hostility. Let's discuss how it is actually easier to buy straightleg and/or tapered jeans these days, and how you can do so for anything from $5 from a thrift shop to $450 for some gilded age jeans to $800+ from R for 45RPM. For the record, I generally stay in the $120-$200 range. Anything above that I'll pick up on sale. I just can't afford $300 jeans

No worries, thanks for the detailed response. Glad to see you're not one of the seven out of ten like a couple of the above posters.
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Originally Posted by JET
No worries, thanks for the detailed response. Glad to see you're not one of the seven out of ten like a couple of the above posters.

Cool, but let's not sling around insults okay. Everybody, let's start fresh here.
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When I got my first Sugar Canes, it was a gift. My girlfriend balked that someone would give me something so ridiculously expensive. She didn't think any pair of jeans could be worth more than $75.

I did my research on the brand, then walked her through some of the company's history, and how the jeans were an improved-upon replica of the original Levis. She really got to appreciate the workmanship of the design and the sewing, and when I pulled out my Tsubi Dee Dee Rocker (which I paid for - before I learned about Japanese jeans and before I met her) she bluntly said "This is nothing like Canes."

Her birthday last February - I got her a pair of 1947 Canes, like mine. Oh, god. She gushed like a waterfall. I've given her jewelery and she'd just shoot a big smile at me. She doesn't wear the jeans much, because she treasures it. I'm sure if I buy her something from R by 45RPM (another company she adores) she'll wear that or the Canes daily, as long as she has one pair stowed away.

Just thought I'd share that to help lighten things up a bit

By the way, she doesn't like bootcut, and makes a comment whenever I wear my Earnest Sewn Hutch
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For the most part it depends on the boot cut, if it is a gentle bootcut then it wouldnt be too hard for a decent tailor to straighten it out. If it is one of those almost bell bottom boot cuts, it can still be done, but there is more of a chance of it coming out looking weird. Basically if one seam is straight then it should come out ok, since they will only have to alter one seam, if they have to work both seams it usually wont work as well.
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Is it me or are Levi's 501s made a little bit baggier than in the past? Oh yeah, I'm not a big fan of bootcut either. Straight leg, but no tapering.
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Does anyone where buy/wear bootcut jeans without boots? Are you one of those guys/girls that drags their jeans under their shoes? I have some jeans that are not bootcut but wide at the opening and being at a party and having them drag and stepping on them with my heels repeatedly, is not a fun thing.
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Time to bump this mother fucker mother fucker

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Holy shit, it's like I just witnessed Jet being born
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Originally Posted by jet View Post


Originally Posted by skalogre

Woah there.

Sorry just saying what needs to be said, I didn't appreciate the attitude. It's just a message board guys, no need to get worked up over other people's opinions on fashion as it's not black and white as some suggest.

Btw, you don't need to have 300 dollar jeans to be stylish. Style is not about money.

Right on every point back then *puts apcs back on*.
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oh my god this is giving me ptsd flashbacks
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Holy shit, it's like I just witnessed Jet being born

haha out of a bootleg vagina, no less.
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My new thing is to go back in SF time and give thumbs to posts from 7-8 years ago. I just wanted you all to know that.
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haha I do that sometimes
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me too :-)


also, I've been enjoying wearing bootcut dress pants lately. kinda 70s. 

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