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Need some polishing advice

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A while back I purchased a pair of Santoni's from a local store. This pair quickly became my 'casual' pair of shoes, that I basically use for anything (from moving to pubbing).
Being the neurotic perfectionist that I am, I am a bit bothered by some scratches that I seem to have attained. I've tried polishing the shoes with bee's wax, but this really doesn't help at all.
Now I do have to admit that I am not the most skilled or experienced cobbler (normally my shoes do not get scratched like this really).

I took some pictures:

Could anyone give me some hints on how to make them look somewhat nice again?

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scratches are abrasions to the leather that cannot be polished and buffed out. they are entirely different effect than scuffing, which can be polished and buffed out.

you may have to take to a professional cobbler to inquire about a fix.
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Get some Meltonian that shade and see if you can rub the color into the scratches. BTW if these are your 'trash' shoes, they will show wear etc.
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Get burgundy/"marine cordovan" wax polish and rub it in there. It should fill in the scratches pretty well. Then do a mirror shine (see the SF Wiki, linked from the pinned topics at the top of the Mens Clothing section) and it should cover those right up.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.
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Looks like you have the Brendens. Very nice. In either case, call the Santoni store in NY (or go there if you can), and ask them for the matching polish. That should be able to cover such fine scratches pretty well, and certainly over a few polishes the darker patina will make those invisible.

And stop dragging you toes when you walk!
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Colored polish will hide the light colored scratches. A heavy - or several - applications may fill them a bit. Once the gouge is there, though, I don't really believe that there is anything you can do about it to completely remove it. there is a Kiwi product called "scuff coat" that I have not used. I would only try it in small drops though.
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