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Best stylish/comedy

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1)Animal House, John Belushi with his sweat shirt that says simply "COLLEGE" Hillarious. 2)Swingers is a close second. I want to hear your opinions.
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Gosford Park. Day wear, evening wear--the epitome of the British upper crust. Note how the wing collar is worn over the tie when the men are in black tie dress.
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My friend made t-shirts that said 'college' like that for a bunch of us. I still have mine and wear it sometimes. As for movies: some would say it's not a comedy, because it is pretty disturbing, but American Psycho has great style (all clothes by Nino Cerruti). Plus in the book (don't remember if in the movie) they are always discussing the kinds of stuff we discuss here. It's pretty funny to listen to (read) them rattle off Alan Flusser's rules on everything.
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Caddyshack with out a doubt the funniest and best style
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A great one that many have forgot is Boogie Nights. The cinematography, soundtrack, and characters are brilliant. One of the funniest movies ever. But if you liked the movie, the platinum series DVD is where it's at. The bonus disc with deleted scenes is hilarious. The John C. Reilly files on there are side-splitting. I swear, it is a must own for any movie buff.
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Most Stylish Comedies,huh? Okay,here goes: -Movies with Cary Grant (Bringing Up Baby,Father Goose,His Girl Friday,etc) -Any James Bond movie(not technically comedy,but light fare) -Movies starring the Rat Pack(the original Ocean's 11) -Thomas Crown Affair(original or remake.Again,not a comedy per se,but fun to watch) -Pulp Fiction(darker,but still very funny.Remember the dance contest in the diner?) -What Women Want(Mel Gibson,& some great Sinatra tunes) That'll get you started anyway...
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Some great choices named so far. Boogie Nights, American Psycho, Swingers, Pulp Fiction, etc., are all among my favorites. But what about: - Fight Club (another favorite, I found it hilarious) - Any of the more recent British imports, especially the gangster flicks, or anything that Guy Ritchie does. Think Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Sexy Beast, etc. Even Trainspotting, in a different sort of way. All clever, all funny, all stylish.
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As an anglophile, I'd have to say Four Weddings and a Funeral. My wife would tell you that's why I dressed myself and my groomsmen in black cutaway, grey striped pants and ascots for my wedding. Also, any of the Whit Stillman trilogy, Metropolitan, Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco. Bradford
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Originally Posted by lasbar View Post
If it's comedy for that guy,i don't want to see his thriller or horror collection..

Can you please not quote the images
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Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum View Post
Can you please not quote the images

Sorry ...

My wife can't stop laughing next to me when she saw the pictures...

She thought it was weird to go every night on a style forum and now her doubts have been confirmed...
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In the Italian Job, the original not the American aberration, check out Camp Freddy's fuchsia suit. Or Michael Caine fresh from the tailor after getting home from his stretch inside.
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The Hangover. A little bit of everything. Did you see how they dressed up the first night (including a satchel) before all went to shit. Classic.
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hmmm...what else...

Anything by Wes Anderson particularly the Royal Tannenbaums and Darjeeling Limited.

old ones...
Trading Places
Harold and Maude
The Party
The Graduate
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I just saw an older French movie called Playtime which had some classy get-ups (gets-up?) in. Classic Jacques Tati. All about the timing and execution, lots of great visual humor, and surprisingly little dialogue. Really sharp, modern-looking French suits from 1967, plus the classic rumpled look of Tati's evergreen character, the bumbling Monsieur Hulot, lurching about with his trenchcoat and puffy fedora.
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