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That's why you have to use a Graflex with a flashbulb. Look at all those glamourous paparazzi photos of the 1950s.
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It's foreshortening. Looking into a mirror, the path of light from your chin to your eyes is longer than the path from the middle of your face. Just as your lower body appears proportionally smaller in the mirror, so will your chin.

The photos are accurate. Sorry
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Originally Posted by j
One thing I noticed when looking at pictures of myself is that my face is not quite symmetrical and it looks very different to me than I am used to seeing in the mirror. I saw a picture of myself and it seemed really off, and after looking a while I noticed that. My jaw is off a tiny bit, maybe 1/16" to one side, probably because of my teeth. I have asked people and no one else has ever noticed it, but it is twice as pronounced to me since I am used to looking at it in reverse.

To be pedantic, it's the jaw that makes the teeth "off."
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Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant
To be pedantic, it's the jaw that makes the teeth "off."
Okay, that may be the original cause but the teeth are crooked and close crooked and don't occlude properly, so now the teeth are why the jaw is off.

I need braces.
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When looking at photos of girls on myspace, beware of interesting angles, interesting lighting, and neck up only pics
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Originally Posted by raley
I don't get it though. What makes someone "photogenic?" It can't be just a natural quality.

It's mostly natural although lighting and makeup can embellish. In cinema you will hear,"the camera loves her" or "she's got great bones". It's true. A friend once introduced me to Michelle Pfeiffer, who is known to have one of the most photogenic faces in the history of cinema, and I must say that she looked rather plain in person. After meeting her I expressed that sentiment to my friend, who is in the movie business, and he said," Yes, but the camera loves her".
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3/4 overhead lighting makes you look slimmer than straight on lighting.

Normal flash photography reduces the jawline.

Use photoshop.
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If you want to get a picture that is a little closer than what you see in a mirror, take the picture and reverse it in the same way a mirror reverses when you look into it. (Any picture editing program can do this.) The subtle feature indifferences that you are used to seeing in a mirror will now be "where they belong."
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What do you mean by accuracy here? To me it means how natural is your presentation. Both of means that you've mentioned - mirror as well as photo are ways of presentation. In the mirror you might not smile or you might smile unnaturally - maybe in social contexts (the pics, I assume they're from those) you smile naturally and that makes your face look a bit different. The mirror would be more atypical way of how your face is presenting itself, and hence "inaccurate".

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