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Frost Birgens FW2010 - Capsule Coverage

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Frost Birgens Words by Fok, photographs by Dan Chaparian I kept on running into Danes in entire trip, but I think that Frost Birgens has the distinction of only employing tall people. I was very interested in seeing some unknown lines, and the website and name both intrigued me. Frost Birgens is showing its first season in the USA, at Capsule, and is in its forth season of making some decent, midpriced sportswear separates with on a geek chic kick. The designer and rep were some of the most refreshingly forthright people at the tradeshow (they were in 30 doors in Scandanavia, and most of their production is in China so that they could keep prices at the lower end of men’s contemporary), and the attitude shows in the clothing. Talking to the designer (XYZ) of Frost Birgens, far right The overall feel is geeky and thrift shop, with layers of seemingly incongruous pieces. For example, a jacket looking like it was taken from the dress costume of a marching band was matched with loose, tight-rolled pants, and workboots. There were also loose fitting knits and an oversized henley with large, contrasting buttons. A "military" jacket. When I asked about inspiration, the answer was vague, but I attribute it to memories of marching band. Scandanavian knits Frost Birgens was definitely one of the less expensive brands shown at Capsule that was not I wouldn’t term “streetwear”. I think that the line has a charted a nice direction apart from the heritage lines and themes that were so pervasive, and I really didn't see any other lines that really embraced the same thrift shop finds idea. The designer shows off his rack of knitwear The attitude of the line was fresh – with the whimsy of early Trovata (if it had been designed in Denmark,) but much more organic and less contrived. The line has gotten some press already (Nylon Guys), and is in some smaller, but important doors. We’ll see in the next few seasons where the potential goes. Waiting.
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The german rep is coming to visit me in the shop next week. The lookbook styling was a little too quirky for me. Wonder if I'll like it live...
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Originally Posted by berlin report View Post
The german rep is coming to visit me in the shop next week. The lookbook styling was a little too quirky for me. Wonder if I'll like it live...

Like a lot of smaller, starting designers, they have some kinks to work out, but the guys are really nice and they do have a different take on things than most "heritage" inspired brands.
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The reps were extremely friendly, and I actually really like a lot of their stuff. The line is definitely not the norm for stuff posted around here, but I thought it was very cool. I really want to get some of their pants! The cuts are definitely something I'd wear (slight drop crotch, relaxed thigh, slight taper from knee down). In some ways they remind me of Acne, though they definitely differentiate themselves. Also the prices make them very affordable. Quality seems to be pretty good, not the greatest in the world, but the price reflects that. Hopefully someone in the US picks them up in the coming seasons, as I think they are now only sold in Europe (they are based in Copenhagen, Denmark). Their S/S line can be seen on their website here: Edit: Oh, and I really like their leather backpacks, too! It's rare, at least for me, to see well designed backpacks in general, but I think theirs are nicely done. I'm basing this off the catalog though, as I don't recall seeing them on display while at Capsule. Anyone have comments or pics of those?
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yo post scans of the catalog when you have the time
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Sure. I only have a scanner at work though, so it will have to wait until Monday.
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I'm always excited to see new knitwear...and their SS lookbook is interesting...
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Fok I think you have a crush on that guy 4 of 5 pictures are of him :heart:
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Went home at lunch, and got the look book, but my scanner at work is not working out too well. It can only scan them as .tif or .pdf, which means I can't upload them to photobucket, and the file is too big for imageshack.

I did find part of the look book posted online, but it is only about half of it. Link here:
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Frost Birgens F/W Runway video here:
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Personally, I think Danish design is great. Very subdued, nothing yelling: "Me, Me, Me", but very elegant and comfortable. Beside Frost Birgens, there is another big Danish clothing design house the BON´A PARTE. I do noth know what connection they have with Napoleon, green smoke reviews but they follow a similar style like Frost Birgens. I have a knitted pullover, by BON´A PARTE, and only paid something like $45.00 this season. Definitely worth having a look.
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