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They go against everything Lobb. They are like the anti-Christ with no semblance of elegance or aesthetic nuance-whether feigned or otherwise.
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Originally Posted by xarope
I've never been able to wear thongs/flip-flops, even whilst growing up as an asian with everybody else around me wearing flip-flops, I just couldn't feel comfortable. Perhaps the sight of numerous discarded one-off flip-flops lying around the roads and drains also reinforced the subconcious decision!

i'm with you there. me, the wife, my sister-in-law and her husband were talking about this just yesterday. my wife has a nephew and a neice, both teenagers, and they both like to wear flipflops when dining out or going to the mall. i told them, imho, that i detest the concept of wearing house slippers (and flipflops are house slippers here) outside the home or the beach. for one thing, its not as if the streets are clean, and another, and i really stressed this- wearing flipflops shows disrespect, imo, to the people with you who are wearing proper attire, and to the institution or place you're going to.

but thats just me, and i probably am a stuck-up.
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Originally Posted by Reggs
Feet are unattractive. Thats why I never wear flip-flops.
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Once you gain enough flip-flop wearing experience, you can have them smack against the heel of your foot when you walk, making a cool popping sound.
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I love seeing young women wearing flip-flops in a casual setting; men not so much.
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I don't know how/why anyone wears flip-flops in NYC, or any similar city. Some women actually wear them to work. Meaning AT work. And on the subway. I don't know how they do it.

And some women's feet simply should not be exposed in public.
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