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These gaultier glasses...

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Hi all, What does everyone think about these Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses? If anybody has any information regarding retail prices, and etc. please post. Thank you. Note- These are from eBay. Used only for reference. Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses. Gaultier Glasses 1. [Gaultier Glasses 2.
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the 2nd pair is interesting but not my style... maybe they go for what he is asking but that seems a lot to me.
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If this website is anything to go by, Gaultier sunglasses would retail for anywhere between US$200-300. Whether they're worth that is anyone's guess. You should probably be careful about buying sunglasses online - much like buying shoes, or any clothing online - unless you're very sure they'll fit the shape of your face. Contact the seller and ask for the exact dimensions of the frames... As for the designs, well, I guess they're okay, but in the unlikely event I was buying Gaultier, I'd probably look for something more... Unique? Distinct? Something definitively Gaultier.
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I actually have the same pair as that in the second link. Mine are in a gold frame with blue lenses. As for the pricing I remember I bought them for $350 at a store called Joel Name Eyewear in Soho I think. Last time I was at an optical store that sold Gaultier I saw them retailing for about $450. As for the other pair I rather like the styling. The retail I saw once on a German site was about 750 Deutsch Marks. I don't know what that converts to these days what with the Euro, and all.
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