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flathead 3001 sz. 31

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I got some flathead 3001 sz. 31 tagged waist. I bought them someone and worn them no more than 5-10 times. I'm selling them because they're too small for me. No pictures right now because I am at school, but I will be going home friday, january 29, so I will provide pics then. For now let me know if you're interested.
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are these hemmed? and how much?
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you need a price
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jeans were hemmed to about a 32-33 inseam I believe, I will get back to you guys on that. but as far as pricing goes I'll start at $130 shipped, paypal. I'll be showing pics by this coming friday so legitimate offers shouldn't be made 'til then.
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how much wear did they have prior to you buying them?
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Roughly how many times washed?
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I call dibs!
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I'm not sure whether the first owner soaked them or not, but he definitely havn't washed them and I've never washed them neither. The jeans have been worn a total of 20 days at most I'd say. Sorry for having to make you guys wait, but I will be providing pictures this friday people as well as measurements.
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I'm interested if they haven't been sold yet. Did you ever get around to taking any pics? And what were the final measurements? Thanks.
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34.5 in inseam, and 16.25 inch across the waist. as the pics show, there's hardly any fading in the jeans, but there is a small hole near the knees(by the previous owner). questions? feel free to ask.

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still up for grabs.
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I love those jeans too bad not my size... not hating at all, but those have not been worn for like 20 times... I have nudies, ive worn them 30 times, and they are only starting to soften up...
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^yeah crotch looks pretty damn worn
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