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What sartorial faux pas do you commit? - Page 2

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I brazenly wear brown shoes to formal business meetings and formal dinners.

I have to love how GQ now recommends to wear brown shoes all the time.
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Originally Posted by Vintage Gent
Flusser himself gives the brown-suede-shoes-in-summer look his endorsement.

A dubious distinction.
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Originally Posted by Tomasso
A dubious distinction.
Not a fan of Mr. Flusser, eh? Say what you will about the man--and beyond the glibness of your reply, you've said nothing--but Flusser's writing about sartorial matters has had a sizeable and positive influence on the way many men dress. He is, by virtually any objective measure, a leading authority on men's style.
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Originally Posted by Manton
Suede shoes in summer, brown in town,

Q. I'm confused. Do I wear suede shoes in the spring/summer or fall/winter?

A. Suede is the reverse side of finished leather. It is brushed and finished to show an even nap but the weight is the same as leather, so wearing suede shoes in spring/summer is not any warmer than wearing them fall/winter. Furthermore, spraying your suede with a suede or leather protectant will save it from most stains that occur by fall/winter weather. Always test the spray on an area that is not visible to see if there is any color change and follow the manufacturer's directions for application and ventilation.

Do you have a question for Dr. Fashion?
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If I wear something, it ceases to be a faux pas
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Originally Posted by Vintage Gent
Not a fan of Mr. Flusser, eh?

Do I worship him? No. Do I quote him as scripture? No. But then I've never even read him. Though, I have met and conversed with him on several occasions(when he was at SFA) for what would amount to a couple of hours of total chat time. I found him to be an interesting fellow whose knowledge of the menswear business and sartorial history was as good as anyone that I've met. Until I found these MB's(SF,AAAC), I had no idea that he was held up as a deity and I've always had an uncontrollable urge to tweak the divine.
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Black loafers, often suede, often Tods driving mocs, with my suits (every day).
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-Cuff buttons (jackets and shirts) often open
-Black suit
-Jeans/sportcoat, repeatedly
"Informal" boots (e.g. Tod's desert boots, Alden 405's) with suits
-Bit loafers or driving mocs with suits
-Sneakers with suits (less often than sneakers with jeans/sportcoat, though)
-Captoe derbies or even oxfords with jeans
-Jeans/French cuffs, sometimes with a sportcoat, sometimes with cufflinks, sometimes untucked
-Brown shoes at any hour, including suede (as to the latter, I suppose one can't be breaking a rule if one is unaware that it is a rule)
-Linen when temperature warrants, regardless of the calendar date
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- Freelancing socks with casual trousers
- Suede shoes (tobacco) in the summer
- Pattern mixing (up to four)
- Wool ties in the city
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Odd jackets with jeans. Dress shoes, including oxfords, with jeans. Monkstraps with suits. Suede shoes whenever I feel like it. Brown shoes whenever I feel the urge (almost always). Rubber soled Rockports when it rains (but only with casual clothing).
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Originally Posted by josepidal

Another question from that site:

"Q. I want to wear mustard-colored shoes with my olive suit. What color socks should I wear?"

I must admit I've yet to do the olive suit-mustard shoe combo, but I do regularly commit various other faux pas, including:

brown shoes at night
white anytime of year
sneakers with dress trousers
jeans and odd jackets
untucked shirts with odd jackets
odd jacket and trousers of similar colors (e.g. light brown with dark brown)
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Argyle socks with jeans or a suit. Dickies pants. Those are the only ones I can think of, though I'm sure other people would spot more.
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Brown suits whenever, save very serious occasions; boots with suits; brown shoes at night; hacking jackets in town

I don't really get the notion that pattern mixing is against the rules.
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I'm also guilty of wearing brown shoes at night and monk straps with suits (even bicycle toe monkstraps). One time at a night-time event (a Christening dinner) my gf remarked to me how everyone was wearing really clunky square-toed rubber soled Kenny Cole shoes and I was the only-one wearing classic leather-soled shoes. I replied to her, "yeah, but I'm the one that's commiting a faux pas by wearing brown shoes at night, while they are wearing black." She replied, "Hah!" to which I replied, "then again, I'm the only one that knows that."
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I wear sneakers and baseball caps a lot 'cause I like them. That's my biggest faux pas.
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