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Does Quoddy or Yuketen make size 6UK as well? :-/
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Originally Posted by Roman_empire View Post
Does Quoddy or Yuketen make size 6UK as well? :-/

yes, i think. it is unlikely you will find a quoddy and especially yuketen stocklist that goes that small, most start +/- 8 or 9 US. i would contact quoddy to make sure they can do something in that size and order directly from them.
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Originally Posted by JRS1979 View Post
Quick question - can anyone confirm how the Deck Chukka with Vibram sole fits? Thanks.

You can get them in varying widths on the Quoddy.com store.
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Originally Posted by JRS1979 View Post
Quick question - can anyone confirm how the Deck Chukka with Vibram sole fits? Thanks.

Thanks jrd617 - the ones I'm looking at are a standard D width, so my only issue is length wise really. I take it they aren't over-sized in the same way that, say, Redwings are for example?
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Would any of the Quoddy slip-ons like the Dawson, Grizzly, or River Driver make a good house moccasin?

I'm essentially looking for a pair of slippers or moccasins to wear only in the house.

Considering quoddy because I wear the blucher mocs and boat shoes and know my sizing.
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O'Connell's recently increased the price of the Quoddy Trail Boat Penny Loafer from $195 to $210.
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Which sole looks better? versus Does one looks classier than the other? more hipster-ery?
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it depends man

if you're going to be wearing them primarily with long pants, like jeans, then the dark soul. If you would wear them with shorts, then white soles. I don't like white soles with long pants unless the entire shoe is white personally.
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The white soles are class. But how long can you keep them whiter? The black is more practical.
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Thanks boys...I think I'll shoot for the white soles then, even with the black chukka. The one on the left below has the same look, I think...but those are classic boats, not chukkas.
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For black deck chukkas, which sole is better? This one: or this one:
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yeah need me some quoddies...
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Kind of a bizarre question, but is it possible to safely remove the lining from a lined Maliseet oxford? I actually prefer their mocs unlined (really not fond at all of the lining despite the additional cost) but have a chance to pick up a lined pair at a good price. Would removing the lining or even having a cobbler remove it be a reasonably safe operation, or pure folly?
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Yes boys, my new custom-made pair of Quoddy chukkas arrived Monday. Have worn them twice so far...including for 12 hours today--first to work for Casual Friday...then pounding the downtown pavements for 3 hours while Christmas shopping.... They are among the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn....I love the manila leather lining, although the smell of warm Manila leather is a bit fish-like in my opinion...I wore them with warm cashmere socks....perfection for comfort. My only beef is the honey-hued camp sole is a bit too low.....but I love the "feel the ground beneath your feet" feeling when wearing these bad boys....
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