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Quoddy Fall/Winter 2010

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A lasted mocc and logo shoe bag. John Andreliunas, President of Quoddy. Quoddy parts. Get it? Text by Pete Anderson Photos by Albert Thomas and Dan Chaparian. It's hard to miss the Quoddy display at (capsule). John Andreliunas, Quoddy's prez, sits surrounded by moccasins and the skeletons of moccasins--shoes in various states of completion, leather swatches, laces. Quoddy has been an internet darling for awhile now—I remember the Ask Andy trads recommending Quoddy as the go-to for boat shoes years ago, but before that it was the definition of classic moccasin, having manufactured for Maine bastion L.L. Bean. Still boasting a Route 1 address in the pine tree state, Quoddy has embraced their reputation for making handsewn moccasins but in the last couple of years has grown the brand in new directions. The collection shown by Andreliunas at (capsule) NY showed off both their unchanging style and some updates. Grizzly boot with crepe sole. Chukkas. John described the new Vibram sole Quoddy plans to use on their more rugged models. Made of white, ivory, charcoal, or dusty red rubber, it's thicker and heartier than the siped boat sole found on many Quoddys. Andreliunas sees it as a solid alternative to Quoddy's boat soles and crepe soles, which he said "are not for everybody." (Full disclosure--I own a pair of crepe-soled ring boots and he's right.) It's not, however, trying to be something it's not. "We're not a workboot company, we're a moccasin company," Andreliunas told me. Crepe-sole boot. For stalking. Animals. Fresh sole. He pointed out the new boot Quoddy is doing with Heritage Research, a line with one foot in the UK and one in Japan (and now at least a shoe in the U.S.). The boot is a calf-height mocc toe with mixed panels of peanut and full-grain leather and a decorative stitch detail at the toe, all on the new Vibram sole in white. His display shelves also featured navy suede boots on the red Vibram sole and a number of takes on the company's ring boots, some lined in sheepskin. One ring boot in gray/green suede with the new white sole gave me a Raekwon vibe. Quoddy for Heritage Research. Niiiiiiiice. Pair with the gold tooth and 'lo goose. John was also excited about Quoddy's waterproofer/leather conditioner. It's organic, made locally in Maine, and consists only of bear fat and beeswax. Not for vegans, I assume, but it'll keep your leather boots supple and dry. The waterproofer is already available from Quoddy's Web site at $16 per 6-oz. tin. Yes, bear fat. Quoddy's range is available in a near endless combination of soles, leathers, and shapes, so long as they're moccasins. Leather samples--eagle eyes will see that's dark olive. Mmmmm, dark olive. Laces out. Quoddy sells their shoes direct and models are also available from a number of stockists, which you can check out on Quoddy's site. Some have exclusive models or leather combinations. Stockists include Blackbird in Seattle and South Willard in Los Angeles.
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Those thicker vibram soles are so nice..
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chukka boot looks killer.
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I'm drooling over all of them, especially those crepe-soled Grizzly boots.
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Nothing beats a crepe sole
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I have a pair of chukkas on the boat sole and they are uncomfortable as hell. I may have to go the Vibram route.
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These are great pictures and great reports. Thanks so much for posting.
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And again, another worry for my wallet this winter. Quoddy on vibram sole duely noted!
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The coasters were amazing. He gave one to a friend of mine. Lucky gal.
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Originally Posted by farfisa23 View Post
The coasters were amazing. He gave one to a friend of mine. Lucky gal.

I scored one, too, increasing the number of coasters in my ownership to ... one.
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Did Quoddy used to be a much larger operation? I've wondered for a while how they used to manage to make mocs at LL Bean's fairly low price point, when they're now pretty dang pricey. Love those gray chukkas.
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I really want a pair of Grizzly boots with that Vibram sole. Will definitely order that when they become available.
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chukkas on the red rubber sole is killer.
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By the way, for anyone that's interested - the thicker vibram soles aren't going into production until June...
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Originally Posted by djh View Post
By the way, for anyone that's interested - the thicker vibram soles aren't going into production until June...

Will the dusty red sole be an option on the peanut grizzly boot do you know? That's the stuff winter dreams are made of!
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