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When a girl says she's not looking for a relationship right now that means YOU are not the right guy. The sooner you realize that and learn to move on the better and happier you'll be. Refuse to be a cuddle bitch or an intellectual whore. Google it. You'll learn what I mean.
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Hey, What that guy said before is true. Girls do like to flap their gums. Half the time I don't know why I say things, or remember what I said. Unless she was being particularly firm when she said it, I think there's still hope. It's also a question of what context she said it in, and what she's like generally. Another thing - are you American? I'm from Australia and am quite scared of American chicks; I get the impression that the things they say are very scripted and created to make impact. I apologize profusely if this impression has only been gleaned from watching US reality TV... I suspect it has. I'm new btw, I joined this forum to answer your question!! Just been lurking around, reading about the man action for a little while now. Nice to see some guys with brains and style x
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The classy ones travel in clans. Or internet forums. When she said she wasn't looking for a boyfriend she was talking to my friend Justin, not me. But, I don't have high hopes for this one. We hang out a lot and I'm happy being friends with her. And yes, I am american. The girls aren't scary, a lot of them are just fake.
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does Justin know youre boning her?
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Yeah exactly - and when she said this to him, was it the kind of situation in which he would've immediately thought of you / thought it was in reference to you?

Find out the context, how it came up in conversation. It could just mean she's not looking for anyone else and hasn't really considered having anything serious with you (...yet?). Otherwise it might've been strategic
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My opinion is that if you've got a friend with benefits, don't mess it up by thinking relationship.

Stop spending so much time with her and find a real gf if that's what you want. Think about what you're wasting. Any time you're in-between relationships you can call this girl up for sex. If you play the relationship card she's likely gonna stop sleeping with you unless she wants the same thing. Going by what you've said so far, that sounds unlikely.
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Originally Posted by m@T
does Justin know youre boning her?

More importantly, is Justin boning her too? :P
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I'm in the game of finding a new girlfriend... long story short, we're parting ways due to our locations... we're not local to each other and it's a pain to fly around to meet each other. I don't know where to meet someone new, but I'm not going to bang myself up about it. I'm going to do what I normally do, and a little something my current gf told me to do: "Smile when you look at people, Kevin. It's how I got to meet you. You *HAVE* to smile." You bet your anti-fit repro jeans that I'm going to smile everywhere I go for the next few weeks! So, like... smile. If the girl makes you work harder than that, hell with her! Smile at someone else. Know your worth. She's got to work at it, too.
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Originally Posted by Oddly Familiar
when a girl says "She isn't looking for a relationship", should I just give up on her and move on, or is she actually saying she isn't looking for a relationship UNLESS the right guy comes along? I'm sure all of you have approached this situation before, but I would also love it if a chick forum member replied. You know, to get the full effect. I think we used to have one, right?

my take here on your question is .. it really does not matter what she says to you. If you do things right and you really know what you want from this girl then you can make her to do the things that you want her to do.

Its not about her. Its about you.
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No offense to anyone, but you guys are all overthinking this... If a girl is interested, she'll most likely tell you. If she does not, but you are not sure whether she is just trying not to get hurt, tell her where you stand. Bring the issue out into the open. Life is too short. If she is interested, she'll be relieved and appreciate it. If she is not, you've lost nothing except drama.

Oh, and imhe, the friends with benefits thing hardly ever works. 99% of the time, one person wants more than the other is willing to give.
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oddly familiar is oddly absent from this discussion
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imhe, the following words cant be more truer than in situations involving someone you are attracted to: everything before "BUT" is bullshit.
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Originally Posted by m@T
oddly familiar is oddly absent from this discussion

You have a point there, mat! What has Oddly been doing the last 3 weeks

Either he's had a stroke of good luck or he's discovered that we all come before 'But...'

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sorry for the absence. THe past weeks have been hectic. Justin does know. He doesn't care. He actually asked me if I had slept with her yet the other day. Thank you for all your advice.
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I have a report of my own. A sexy young lady that works at my local gym always goes out of her way to tell me hello when I enter or leave the place. She also says hi to other guys. I just decided to ask her name, tell her I think she looks great, and that I think she's too young for me but I'm totally flattered that she always says hi to me all the time.


Going on my second date with her this week, and, her mom is in my cycling class. She think's I'm so fine.

Now. I'm not saying this is a success story. Just saying, life is short, everyone should just speak their mind and life will move along a lot smoother for everybody.

Never, never, never, hang over someone. If they lead you on, hint at you, or simply don't have the courage to tell you bluntly that they're attracted to you, move on to the next person.

Remember, you're going to die someday. And there's over 1 million potential mates for everyone at any given time.
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