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They are $325 at That is of course for the normal leather. I believe the Shell Cordovan is over $700.
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Any broken in addison pics yet?

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Finally got my two-tones.  On the Fly was kind enough to overnight them at their expense despite the delay being at the factory (their customer service was very responsive and patient with my nagging).

I can confirm the near full size large.  I generally wear a 11.5 or 12 and the 11 fit perfectly.  The right boot is slightly more burnished than the left but that won't matter once I waterproof them. 

Broken in photos to come.  Happy Autumn at last!




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Can anyone post some pictures of some of the darker boots with jeans? Specifically the wingtip variant, if possible? I'm very interested in them but having a hard time picturing them.
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Just got a pair of Addisons from Revolve. Very happy so far with the quality. I live in Vanocouver Canada, had to pay $40 tax when picked up from post office. 


Went a full size down, still have space ahead of toes. 


Put on  a topy to save the leather sole right after the first walk outside (to make the surface roughen up a little). Made the topy myself. 


The only complaint so far is the soft leather sole. The tip (without the topy) already has started wearing out after a couple of kilometers. 

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Originally Posted by ecibis View Post

Any broken in addison pics yet?

Yeah. This is after a year of using thme as work boots and light hikers. It's a cross post from my review thread.

OK so here's what my Addisons look like after a long Winter. Definetly battle scarred but that's to be expected. The weather in MO has been rather mild so rock hunting was the activity of choice. These boots have spent many hours on the gravel and mud bars of the Missouri, Loutre, and Osage rivers not to mention a few dozen small creeks. If anyone here spends any time doing the same thing I'm sure you know all about the black gooey muck found along a river basin. Way nastier than any cow pasture I've drudged through for sure. It also explains why some of the stains are here to stay. I don't think my leather guy could buff them out but then again he may have some magic up his sleeve as well. We'll find out when I get these resoled. I'm thinking this pair might get done up with a rather aggressive Vibram full sole similar to what's found on a logger's boot.

While I was at it I also oiled up my Saddleback satchel which is with me on all these rock collecting activities. Dang thing is tough as nails as well. All I did to both of them was to wipe off the mud and apply liberal doses of boot oil to each. Both are good to go for the Spring rock hunting season....


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What does the sole look like?  My leather soles always gets these many tiny rocks embedded into it. About size of half a grain of rice. I take em out and it leaves a hole behind. The leather sole is definitely these shoes' drawback. 


The topy I put didnt work out, i took it off. It was letting water in from one of its tiny pinholes. 

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Originally Posted by Bali26 View Post

What does the sole look like?  My leather soles always gets these many tiny rocks embedded into it. About size of half a grain of rice. I take em out and it leaves a hole behind. The leather sole is definitely these shoes' drawback. 

The topy I put didnt work out, i took it off. It was letting water in from one of its tiny pinholes. 

The soles are worn but I don't seem to have the little rock problem you mentioned. I do however have a small cut on one sole from a sharp piece of flint. Other than that no problems even though they've been around a lot of wet environments. Since I'll be wearing these boots around a lot of scree and gravel is the reason why I'm contemplating a full Vibram resole instead of half soles. Flint shards are unbelievably sharp and I don't want one going through the sole into my foot. That would be a day ruiner for sure.
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I just got mine for $270 on Amazon from a third party seller, apparently the line is discontinued and the stockist near me can't order my size. I normally wear a 11 or 11.5 but surprisingly I found a size 10 to be the best fit as the 10.5s still had a lot of space in between the heels. The 10s are perfect lengths wise but slightly tight on the instep, which I hope will loosen up over time. I was wondering what kind of soles to get that can be used for walking on wet pavement and slush, not deep snow, and won't affect the look too much. I read that there's a matching vibram half-sole but it seemed kinda thin for the winter. I like the commando style full sole below, does anyone know how much they cost, and whether they make the boots look overly thick? Thanks.



Originally Posted by Crane's View Post

OK I don't have a pic of the Addisons broken in. There's been some talk on this thread about having Dainite soles installed on them. Well, here's my year and half old original 1Ks resoled commando style. Leather sole, stacked leather heel, vibram lugged heel plate and a vibram Raptor half sole. Snow and ice are no longer a problem. Original 1000 Mile Boot Commando Resole 1 by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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Neither the line or the Addison model is discontinued. Those boots of mine you mentioned in your post are not full soled they are half soled. The front half sole is the Vibram Raptor and the heel is a lugged heel plate. You are in the wrong thread for questions about these boots. You need to go here.
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I recevied a pair of brown Addisons a couple weeks ago and I'm having my local cobbler install Vibram half sole saver to the original leather soles.  He's doing these to the brand new soles, having only been worn on carpet.  He said he'd do them for $30.  He likes Vibram and claims that they are the best for a "sole saver".  I should get them back in a few days so I'll post pictures then.



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Okay, finally getting around to posting pictures of my Addisons in brown with the Vibram half sole saver that was done by my local cobbler:






My cobbler did a great job putting on the Vibram half sole savers, but he applied black edge dressing around the outside of the sole, covering up the antique, stacked wood look.  I removed quite a bit of the edge dressing, but there's still a little left.  These got a good brushing and a coat of Obenauf's LP.  The Obenauf's did not darken up the brown CXL leather a bit, but it did dull the surface a little.  Still, they look great.



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Just ordered a pair of factory 2nds, can't wait to get them.


I am a little confused with the prep though. Do I do Sno-seal first then followed by Obenauf's LP then followed by any shoe polish?


edit: Or is it Snoseal OR Obenauf's LP. 

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Depending on your color I found that the Snoseal darkened the leather quite a bit.  If you're going for look over utility you can probably forgo the Snoseal.

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I ordered Obenauf's LP since I got the tan. Assuming it actually ships :/

Ordered Friday morning and it still hasn't shipped out.
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