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Anyone else excited about this?
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Does anyone know if the episode tonight will be the pilot that we've already seen?
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I don't understand how it's related to BSG
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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post
I don't understand how it's related to BSG

Joe Adama, the lawyer in the suits and dapper hats, the father of Admiral/Cmdr. Bill Adama of BSG. William is a little boy on the show, on caprica before the Fall.

The blonde guy is the creator of the Cylons; the series starts with them in R&D at some corporation on Caprica.

It's basically Battlestar: Episode 1, just like Phantom Menace back in the day. How the war started, what te world was like before civilization went to shit, etc.
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Then you haven't watched BSG. :P

Tonight's episode IS the pilot that they released on DVD last year.
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Weird, they are also streaming the pilot on the web site, so I was assuming they were showing something new.
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