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Evisu Denim Jacket M

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This jacket has been washed twice, but have only been worn about 5 times. The pocket originally had a bright yellow logo which i hated, thus i have carefully faded( See pics)

The jacket is chain stitched throughout.

Attachment 37081

Attachment 37082

Attachment 37083

Price $120 usd shipped to the US or UK

Price of $110aud shipped within Australia.
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It's lovely jacket. Even though I'm not in the market for one, I'll bump this, as I'm sure someone would like to have it.

The pocket reminds me of a Type II that Prps did.

(images stolen from RRLselvageDenim at sufu)

You might want to put up some measurements.
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Did you sell this jacket?  I might be interested if not.  Jonathan



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