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Originally Posted by splattered View Post
^^Bad ass i like those... i was tempted to buy the camo version of those w the zipper detail but they seemed a bit expensive to me for a pair of chucks

i'd never bought converse before, but they are comfortable, seem well made enough and the leather is nice. i don't feel ripped off
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Originally Posted by BriansAWildDowner View Post
I've got a Converse question. I've got a pair of Chuck Taylors but i can't wear them anymore. Whenever I do my feet sorta start to cramp up or something. Are Jack Purcells any more comfortable?
I don't believe most Jack Purcells are very comfortable. I actually use a gel insole for the 15 pairs from my collection that are not John Varvatos editions. The JVs are very comfortable! I just wish the price point was lower.
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Dunno, I wear my beater JPs a lot now that's hot out and they're perfectly comfortable for me.
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Agree. I go sockless in my JPs in the summer and they're very comfortable.
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I saw a pair of leopard print hi-tops in a YouTube video ( Anyone know where I can find these?
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I think I threw up a little in my mouth.
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Thread Starter is truly a great place for discount Jack Purcells. I'm picking up two new pairs of slip-ons as we speak.
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so last night we had our first bbq at a friend's new house, after some chicken kabobs, mexican fajita meat, bourbon etc. we decided to play some soccer at 2am in the back yard, it had rained so the grass was wet and somewhat muddy and well we got filthy. Needless to say they are on their third cycle in the wash, starting fresh and new
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Is there anyone here posting from Japan? I've been trying to get my boss who has relatives in Japan to see if they can pick me up some Side Gore Hi Jack Purcells, but it's been a couple months now and I hate bugging him about it. I need me some side gore Purcells!!
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Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude View Post

leopard ones are in my size :E
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I gotta know, is there no true source for Japanese Converse? To the USA?
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i like these one star mids
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Can anyone shed some light on these please? They're advertized as a Thom Browne job, but I can't find any info on them.

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He did a similar pair when converse had their 100th anniversery. Retail was mindblowing, 1800$ immsmc.

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