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Fireflies in the Garden
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before night falls dinner rush road to perdition
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actually thought The Book of Eli was good.
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The movie Shelter was amazing and is virtually unknown. You can watch it on youtube.
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Romper Stomper with Russel Crowe before he got fat.
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Cutter's Way with Jeff Bridges and John hEard. Saw it a few days ago and thought it was very good.
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Cherry Crush Charlie Bartlett Hard Candy Cidade de Deus/Cidade dos Homens Bienvenue Chez les Rozes Welcome to Sarajevo Go For Broke! (not the world's best WWII movie, but it covers a rather untold story and a lot of the actors are actually surviving members of the unit, which is pretty badass; nearly impossible to find, though) As for TV: Over There
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The Dark Knight highly underrated.
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The Hidden.

A great B movie from the 80s.
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Croupier (Clive Owen)
Hard Core Logo
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For fucked up future: Children of Men Equilibrium The Road
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Enduring Love
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