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36 shorts?

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eBay seller Brooks Buyers has a bunch of Brooks Brothers boys jackets that will probably fit you well, like this camel hair:

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I'm a 36S. I appreciate the tip though the jackets are not to my taste.
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Narrow shoulders though, that's the problem with boys stuff
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They are pretty narrow, and quite short. I figured there's gotta be someone on here who could fit them. I could probably fit a boys large, and would buy, if he had something like this in my size:

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Hey guys-

Glad you picked up on my newest listings - some REALLY good deals. It is my experience that a BB Boys 20 is equivalent to a BB Mens 36S - and actually fits a good deal better than a BB 36 short for many guys - higher armholes and trimmer fit.

I tend to not do a whole lot of Boys items but if there is some interest, I could certainly make adjustments...

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I actually bought one boys' Brooksease suit a while back. I'm pretty trim (5'7", 130 lbs), and I found that 18H or 20H works. In fact, 20H was still a touch long in the jacket.

The disadvantage is that the boys' stuff (at least the Brooksease) isn't made by Southwick.
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