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Tailor in new york city

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I need a exceptional tailor in New York City for minor alterations on a custom Holland and Sherry suit i just purchased. The only reason im not going to the tailor who made the suit is because his shop is on Long Island, so i don't feel like making the trip back for a minor alteration.
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Mike, I know a couple of good tailors, but they're also in the custom business, too. Don't know how they'd feel about you having the suit made out on the Island.... However, if you'd like names and addresses, e-mail me.
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Try Peppino Tailors on Lex in the 50s. I can't remember the cross street, but the address is 780 Lexington, and their number is 832-3844. I went there once on the recommendation of a sales clerk at Burberry and had great work done by them. Apparently a lot of high end stores in the city send their work to them. It's a little pricey, but at least you'll have peace of mind that they won't ruin your clothes.
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My tailor is Rupen's Custom Tailors at 40th bet 5th and madison. Always done me right - good prices, fast service and a no-bullshit attitude. One time, I bought a suit from Banana Republic (this was a long time ago, ok? so spare me) and Rupen takes one look at it and says "I'm not doing anything with this. Take it back to the store." He asked me how much I paid and when I told him $350, he matched that price and sold me a gorgeous deep slate blue worsted wool suit instead, on the condition I returned the Banana one. And the alterations on the other suit he did for free. Highly recommended.
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