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Help with first custom shirt...please

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I think my post in the other thread may not have gotten comments due to the title, so I'm making a new thread. If you were ignoring me in the other thread, feel free to continue to do so here, but I am really hoping for some advice as to what to tell the folks who made my first bespoke shirt.

After having a test shirt made, and making some adjustments, I picked up my first shirt last week.

I'd like your input, to the extent you can tell based on the pictures, what you think of a) the quality of the shirt, and b) the fit. The shirt has been washed once at home and sent to the commercial laundry once. Don't mind the line between the two buttons; that's just where the laundry ironed the shirt with the interior (blue) placket folded over itself.

Regarding the fit, I see one major issue and a few minor issues. The first is that the sleeves are obviously too short. I am going to ask them to remake this shirt with the sleeves at least 1" longer. Having sleeves that are too short are a real pet peeve of mine. The other issues are that I'd the armholes to be higher, a bit of material from the lower back removed, and possible have the sleeves narrowed. Do you see any other issues? On their advice, with which I agree, I did not shoot for a super-tight fit because I want the shirt to be comfortable during long days sitting down at the office.

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It looks really good, but I agree with your assessment. Sleeves are too short, armholes are too big and the arms & back are a little baggy.
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The fabric looks nice. The shoulders look a bit too wide to me. Take the armholes up quite a bit. You want to aim for sleeves such that the cuffs end at your thumb's first joint at the butt of your hand—they should be made a bit longer to account for shrinkage on washing and wrinkling at the elbow.
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Thanks very much for the feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.
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The sleeves are a bit short and it is a little blousy in the back. Everything else looks fine though.
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I am a huge fan of custom shirts and have bought atleast 50-60 custom shirts in the last 2 years. I go through them very quickly as I travel a lot and am clumsy when eating.

1) Your sleeve lengths are a bit short; however generally with sleeve lengths you are suppose to give the tailor a wiggle-room (approximately 1 inch on the wrist area). It seems like he falls within that range.

2) Someone mentioned that its too big on the shoulders. I disagree. I have had tailors bring it directly on my shoulders before, and it works out to be incredibly uncomfortable. I would keep it as is.

3) With the armpit stuff I didn't see any issues.

4) I didn't think the back had too much extra fabric. Normally, tailors are suppose to add fabric to your measurements to give you the ability to move around. Normally they add 3-5 inches of fabric depending on the body shape and fit. I think its pretty good. However, you are missing the darts on the back which generally give a better curve to your body.

5) Fabrics - Since its a new shirt, you can't really assess anything from the pictures. Wait till you wash it 10-15 times.

I'm a huge fan/buyer of custom shirts, so please feel free to privately message me with your thoughts and questions.
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If there wasn't that much fabric in the back, it would be too tight.

From my experience, its better to have a shirt a bit loose than a bit tight. Also, a shirt that is perfectly fitted to your body is very uncomfortable.

I can send you pics of shirts that I have got made that are perfectly fitted and slightly loose and you will see the difference.
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nice shirt! however, based on my experience with custm shirts comfort is the issue that should come first.
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