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Oh but you can. See that metal clip showing if anyone's within a few feet of you? How your tie is too perfectly snugged to the top of your collar? And like I said, money isn't an excuse. You can get decent ties for the same amount of money as your beloved clip ons at a Wal-Mart or discount clothing store.
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Tokyo Slim those ties aren't that bad- actually pretty freakish/cool...

Here, contrarily, is hands down my ugliest tie; its just so incredibly ugly in my humblest and most honest opinion. Its from China and was a present, I basically keep is as a reminiscence, never wore it...I also had an even uglier one (black white striped with gold patterns inbetween)- also from China, also a present- that came in a "set" with a shirt and a tie clip, but alas I have thrown them away...

Another crazy one; what makes it beastly is that it is an authentic "Austin Powers" tie (if it were 60s vintage it would be better IMO). I have to admit: I wore it once.

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^ That Ralph Marlin multicolor number reminds me of Teacher's old avatar: a guy with green afro wig and star shaped sunglasses. It is ugly.
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this thread was over 2 years old. why did you make it live? /goes to cemetary with shovel
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Because 1) I wanted to post a similar thread and saw this one suggested, so I cancelled my post and added my answer here.

And 2) because I think that this is a creative and enjoyable thread, since taste varies widely and while some examples may be ugly others may incite or even inspire one; all in all its simply fun...
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I prefer to think of these ties as Underrated, vs ugly. I mean at least they're not bespoke, right?
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