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Your ugliest tie

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Let's see what ya got

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I didn't feel like firing up the camera, so I stuck em in the scanner. What makes them horrible: from left to right Tie number one: 100% polyester. The gold is shiny, the brown is not. Inside the paisleys (not sure if you can see it at this resolution or not) are little designs that looks like penises and balls shooting golden orbs of sperm. Truely classy. Tie number two: 100% French Acetate. there are about nine different colors on this tie. Most of it is mustard colored, there is also some navy, lavender,teal, white, green, and brown. They are all shiny. The surface is irregular and gives the impression that it is woven of recycled Christmas tinsel. Tie number three: 100% silk. Made in the USA. Brown, Cream, and teal. The main picture is several women using the telephone, whilst coyly looking about for eavesdroppers, but embossed into the texture of the fabric itself is a pattern of horrible blotches, some of which resemble ducks. The combination of the two is truely nauseating in person. My top three of the moment, but I'm always looking for more.
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Ha! I've stunned everyone into silence!
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We're all at the mall.

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Originally Posted by johnapril
We're all at the mall.

Ha. Those your kids?
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Originally Posted by johnapril
We're all at the mall.

You doin' all right buddy?
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I'm the one inside the soda on the right.
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I don't have an ugliest tie, per se. I have ties that a younger fellow might wear - an aggressive looking Valentino comes to mind.
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Additionally I have a Van Heusen you guys would probably find ugly, though it was gotten for $8 at Ross out of necessity for a light blue tie.
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Originally Posted by Jovan

I rather like those.
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Thanks. I wear them when I feel like dressing up a bit for a night out or something. Basically meaning any shirt of mine with the collar open tucked into jeans and a sportcoat. Both of them were gotten at a thrift store for maybe $8 altogether. The blue one is by Oscar de la Renta (didn't influence my purchase, I noticed it afterwards) and the autumn coloured one by "Christopher Hayes," which I've never heard of before.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad
He said ties, not leg warmers.

SEE JOVAN? It is not just me!

(Last time he showed these I mentioned that they looked like socks )
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Apologize for the crappy pictures - the lighting in my closet leaves much to be desired - but here are probably my "ugliest" ties. (Charvet) Women have an amazing affinity for it, though. (The glen plaid tie under it is a wool Barbera.) (Brioni) The piece on top is the keeper, the tie behind it is a Kiton, and the one under it is a cashmere Zegna. The round tie-hanger thingy was about $5 at Ikea.
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You been doin acid?
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