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Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff View Post
Should've known cutaways would be far in the lead; on a forum where balmoral boots are considered normal, even stylish.

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Not personally, but I have one for sale.

They do look ok on the right person. That person is usually a Ralph Lauren model.
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Originally Posted by ferguscan View Post
They suck too Except for casual wear.

You heathen! Take that back, now !!
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funny how the overwhelming majority voted yes, but the verbatim comments are mainly hell no i likey, i have about 5 of them, all RLPL Keatons.
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I like cutaway collars. They're not very versatile (useless without a tie, only work as part of a "dressier and sharper" suit option) and they don't suit all face shapes by any means, but if they do suit your face shape, and it is the right occasion, then they can frame the face in a breathtaking fashion.
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I voted Yes, even though they don't work for me. Aesthetically, I like them.
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I personally do not like them at all.

It just bring much too attention around the neck disturbing the combo visual balance.
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How can you not like them?

Is you gay?
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I think a regular cutaway (verses an extreme cutaway) tucks under the collar of your jacket nice and easily without a tie. Unless you have a very round face I think it is the best all around collar.

For a while, my favorite shirt was a cutaway made with a double button at the neck. But that was so 2003.
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On a more serious note, I wear cutaway and non cutaway with my ties, don't prefer one over the other, both look nice.

Without a tie though, I do like the look of cutaway worn open. Because the collar points are much shorter, it doesn't curl nearly as much either.
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For me cutaway (vs spread) starts at option B, which I like a lot. Option C to me is also OK. D and everything after are grounds for anathema.
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B and C are my favorites.

Originally Posted by fanofmafoofan View Post
Exhibit B

Exhibit C

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I go for sometimes yes and other times no.....
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It seems that there is a loose definition of cut away. That being said, I favor a medium spread collar. I do not like to see the collar band on either side of the tie's knot.
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