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proraso 'red'

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has anyone here tried the wheat germ version of proraso? the red one? any opinions?

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I'm not sure if they still make it. People on the shaving forums who didn't like menthol liked the Proraso red from what I could tell. The only complaint anyone had was that the smell wasn't so hot, but the same can be said for the green tube as well. I think the red does have just the tiniest bit of eucalyptus or menthol.
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I was hoping that Target would sell that stuff so I'd get to try it
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I have the green. It doesnt foam well, but the lube is fantastic.
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update: i used the red yesterday and am very impressed with it. it takes a back seat to cremo cream, but not by much. excellent lubrication, pleasant subtle scent, and it gave me a good lather without a brush. it lathers up especially well after you've shaved the first time. just add another tiny touch of cream and you get a very thick, opaque layer for the second go around.
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