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Wool Duffel Coat

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By Marc New York. NWOT. 75/25 wool blend. Way too big for me.

Pit-to-pit: 22"
Shoulders: 18"
Sleeve: 25"
BOC to hem: 33

$60 shipped
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Color? Photos or link to photos? Is there a tagged size? Please.
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Sorry...spazzed. Tagged size small, really more like a medium.
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Interested, but I'm a size small too, so would fear this is too big. May I ask about your height and weight, or can you post fit pic?
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I'm 5'3", 125lb. I would probably recommend someone be 5'6"-5'8" and at least 140lb for this to work, though the height probably matters more. You can tell by the measurements that it's not a normal small.
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Intrested, pm'd you.
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There's my 2 posts! Now I can PM.
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Also interested in this, could you give me an estimate of shipping to the UK though?
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Sold, to me
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