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Miami in January - what to wear?

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This is actually more of a question for my wife, as I think I know what to bring. Going to Miami next week. Even though it will be warm (finally) do people in Miami still wear darker colors in the winter or is white and lighter shades OK?
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Can't help you with Miami but in Miami Beach you can usually spot the locals by darker/heavier clothing but when it's in the 80's even they lighten up.
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Am going in two weeks myself. Bear in mind that the early mornings and evenings are still pretty cool, even if you can hit the beach in the early afternoon. As well, south Florida actually had freezing temperatures as of early last week. Not sure whether normal weather patterns have been re-established.
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If I see you in shorts in January I KNOW you a tourist. Wearing socks with your damn sandals or laying out in a man thong on the beach are also dead giveaways.

Regarding clothing though you don't see as much seasonal variation here - we pretty much wear summer stuff year round and just bundle up with whatever we can scrounge when it gets cold! It's been a little weird this week, it finally warmed back up and has been in the high 70s but today was a little nippier. I'd suggest pants/jeans and short sleeved shirts backed up by a light sweater, jacket, etc.
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