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refinery29: opinions?

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This site has a lot of focus on casual "streetwear" when it comes to the men's side of things, so I thought this was as appropriate a place as any to post it:

Just wondering what you guys thought of refinery29? I found out about the site via the Jay Allen write-up and have been browsing around on it for the past couple of days. It's pretty cool in my opinion. I don't necessarily like the fact that they focus on a lot of trendy hipster-wear, however some of the shops they highlight are awesome (Odin, groupe16sur20 (Trogolyte Homunculus is the best new line in America), Saved and Oak are my favorite shops in the world, so it was really cool to find them featured in "the refinery"). There's even a little section where designers talk about their favorite NY spots, and Steve Alan talks about the New York Table Tennis club. Coolness. So does anyone else read this? I found it neat because it kind of validated my tastes I guess.
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there're a few things i read regularly: superfuture, styleforum, thesartorialist, coolhunting, refinery29, and (when it's actually updated) hint magazine. i like refinery29. they have an interview with A.P.C. too
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