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karma chameleons?
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Originally Posted by Duff_Man View Post
The print ad for it had two side-by side silhouettes. On the left was one with 6 shots tightly grouped in the centreofmass. On the right was one that was basically in half. The tagline was ".45 or .410? You be the Judge". It very nearly almost overtook my distaste for wheelguns.

It would work wonders with snakeshot.

Yeah I remember this one. Pretty sweet. You gotta love the ability to squeeze off 5 rounds of buckshot in 3 seconds from a handgun (even though the ad used bird load)
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.410 buck has 3 balls per shell, right?

I honestly used to wonder WTF was the purpose of .410 buckshot. It was like the answer to a question no one asked. That is, until someone made a .410 revolver.
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