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Originally Posted by Duff_Man View Post
Nice! Always wanted one of these: But I admit that yours looks a bit more elegant.
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Originally Posted by BDC2823 View Post

Yup, used to run in the hills and I stopped to tie my shoes. Heard some rattling in the grass and got the hell out of there.
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I'll second the don't come to Australia comment. I have found Eastern Brown snakes in my garden a few times.
Quoted from Wikipedia:

"The Eastern Brown Snake is the second most venomous land snake in the world after the Inland Taipan.[2] Their venom is very toxic, and can be fatal; even juveniles have caused human fatalities. The venom contains both neurotoxins and blood coagulants.[3] Eastern Brown Snakes are also aggressive. Compared to most snakes that will flee when ever possible, Brown Snakes are much more likely to stand their ground, heightening the danger in an encounter. Without medical treatment, death is highly likely. [4]"

But hey, we don't get Taipans where I am so it's not all bad.
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best addpost ever. i expected "we have snakes in our lingerie" however
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Kinda looks like a fresh coiled up dog turd

I made a deal with snake kingdom long ago, we agreed to just leave each other alone.

Originally Posted by Steve Smith View Post
I had not seen this one for a while. He is sunning himself on top of my 2008 Christmas tree. This is about 7 feet laterally from the mowed part of my lawn. I have never seen this snake anywhere except on top of this tree except for the time I moved him to take pictures. He stays on his own turf.

I am still fascinated by the color of this snake. I have seen hundreds of cottonmouths but never one this light in color.

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Sweet pictures. Interesting color. Bunch of ladies ITT.
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I would have killed him with fire. Luckily I live far enough inland in NC to be away from water moccasins. Copperheads, on the other hand. . .
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Originally Posted by Duff_Man View Post

Is that a .410 pistol?

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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
The whole alligators/sharks/mutant Burmese pythons thing makes the Deep South my least favorite part of the U.S.

Are all effete, sheltered, latte-liberal WASPs as wussy as you, or are you unique?

You really do crack me up. You're like the poster child for the Yankee city boys redneck dudes like to make fun of.

Originally Posted by Duff_Man View Post

That is awesome.
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Originally Posted by deveandepot1 View Post
Amazing pictures!
We don't get any snakes here in California.

That's not true. As someone mentioned earlier, California is chock full of various types of rattlesnakes. Really depends where you live, I guess. Even in certain parts of LA (mainly, the Hollywood Hills area, where there is still a fair amount of wilderness interspersed with housing) have rattlers slinking around. I used to go running up in the canyons and hills around that area, and I'd see a rattlesnake every other week or so. Usually in the early morning hours. It's actually not the snakes that scare me, but the mountain lions. Those fuckers are stealthy and highly aggressive. You don't see them coming until it's too late.
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Originally Posted by TintoTerra View Post
Good for you for not killing it! Cottonmouths put on a defensive display (opening their mouths to reveal the white lining thereof) in hopes of scaring you away. The word 'aggressive' is a real misnomer when you're talking about snakes because none of them (I don't care what your redneck uncle says) will make an effort to attack you unless you've stepped on them or nearly touched them (reached into a dark place etc.). Water moccasins, btw, don't have 'nests' and they don't chase people. Stepping within a few feet of a venomous snake will usually simply illicit it's warning response and not cause it to 'come at you'.

It really annoys me to see intelligent people talking about killing snakes. There are enough rednecks out there killing things for no reason without everyone else doing it.

I had to deal with about 85 venomous snakes at work today, and I can assure you, if given the chance, even the most defensive of them would rather turn and slither away than bite anyone.

I've been chased by cotton mouth before. I don't know anything about nests, but the bastard darted after my kayak until I swatted with my paddle.

I didn't have issues with snakes until my little sister, and I'm still torn. I moved a coral snake out of our driveway a few weeks ago, and we've found rattlesnakes all over the place, which is fine by me for the most part. We also have all manner of the non venomous types, which are great*. I don't like moccasins (not nearly as common where I am as rattlesnakes thankfully), and I don't like copperheads. At least rattlesnakes tend to have the courtesy to tell you to fuck off before they bite.

*My little brother was freaking out over a mouse one night that had apparently been crawling on him while he was asleep. I started looking for it, saw it, and then it ran under his bed. I look underneath and it's been snagged by a rat snake that was chilling under there.
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I don't think i would be able to sleep after finding a snake under my bed
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I saw a bunch of snakes in Virginia growing up, fortunately nearly all were rat or black snakes and are very docile. Ran across an Eastern diamondback up in the mountains, intimidating snake right there.

Water moccasins distress me though, see them pretty frequently here in Georgia. I stay out of the water, really have no desire to run into one on its own turf. I did see one eating a fish on a river bank, that was kind of interesting.
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I'm noit afraid of men, I'm not afraid of women I'm not afraid of conflict I'm not afraid Mountain lions I'm not afriad of black bears I've never ran into a grizzley, but if I did I'd prolly be scared But I'll run like a bisnatch at the sight of one of those slitthery pieces of damned shit venomous or not.
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Originally Posted by Duff_Man View Post

The Judge. .410/.45LC. Just got the 3" mag version and it handles much better than you'd expect. Stay outta my house
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