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Sta-prest alternative?

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I found this forum after doing a google search for this and other skinhead/mod related items and read great info from rather knowledgeable people here.

Are there any alternatives to the old sta-prests ? I've found some references to ones made a couple of years ago, 511 sta-prests, as well as some UK shops that have their own versions. As I'm in the US, the UK options aren't financially viable.

Dickies have a "slim straight work pant" here.

Maybe just get them tapered at my alterations shop?

Any experience would be appreciated.
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This is a great question.

I'd pay good money for a pant that fits like these, especially in a breathable cotton/linen blend.

I'd love to hear some suggestions!
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I was told to get BR chinos.

Can anyone confirm that I was lied to?
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Docker D1s.


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For proper poly-cotton sta prests try Adaptor Clothing online or Jump The Gun, Warrior, Merc, or

Levi's have recently reissued sta prests only in red, gray and dark khaki but be warned they are very small/slim fitting and have a canvassy texture.

Express do lightweight cotton strides, slim fit, not sta prests but similar.

Or you can go for Dockers and other chinos (BB Milano have more colours than just boring gray and khaki).
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I love Sta prest trousers. Interestingly enough Miu Miu did some high end clones about 5 years ago.
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