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^^ Is it a Rollex, Pater Phillippe, IWZ; or something of the sort?
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Originally Posted by chorse123
gdl - I'm not looking to buy right now. I may, in a few months, and I may throw out a watch as a gift idea to family sooner or later. Price range is low since it wouldn't be for any big milestone.

JBZ - I like that Seiko. There are some others that look pretty nice, like the Samurai or the one below. Seiko is a little confusing--they must have 1000 different models.

16520Man - unfortunately vintage is not an option. The watch has to be easy to buy.

Skalogre - I like the Seagull. Are those available anywhere other than through a guy on a message board? There's no way my family could figure that one out.

I like a lot of the Hamilton watches, but most of them are north of $250. I particularly like the Khaki Navy, which isn't far off:

What about Trias watches? This one looks pretty sharp, is a "17 jewel Unitas 6497 movement" and is $200 and Long Island Watch:

That Seiko is the Atlas. Nice watch.
The Trias is real nice. I prefer it in black. Long Island Watch is great to deal with. I forgot the guys name, but its a one man shop and he is a cool dude. The Unitas 6497 is the same base movement used in some Panerai's. The Trias is a lot of watch for the money and in person it looks a lot better. As for the Hammy's, I prefer their Chrono's as their time only watches are somewhat underwhelming.
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Originally Posted by jean_connoisseur23

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I defintely agree on the 'go vintage' track. Though my favorite cheap watch is the Citizen Eco-Drive. I really like the technology behind it.
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I think Omega is the best "cheap" watch company, and is the best company to start a collection with.
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a pretty ordinary photo of it on Amazon (looks less boxy in person and the color is a bit out), but I am currently wearing a perpetual calendar dress Timex that I bought for 30 bucks new on eBay that yields a whole lot of compliments. For what I paid for it, I really couldnt be happier.
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The Trias and Seagull 1963 are lovely watches to my unsophisticated eye. I'm not a watch guy. As far as 'cheap' watches go, what's the opinion of Skagen?

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i got a skagen for my 21st from my grandfather, 9 years on it still looks great and runs well
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I'm wearing the skagen on the left right now. I am no watch expert. I like the styling, they're thin and unobtrusive.

However, in my experience, durability leaves something to be desired. The crystal cracked within a week of purchase and no particular punishment. That was a year ago; luckily, I bought it at Nordstrom and they insisted on giving me a new one. Last week, the metal ring around the date fell off, and before I knew it, got caught on the day and hour hand, stopping the watch. I'm probably going to send it back for repairs. I bought my niece a skagen and two of the numbers came unglued. Also purchased from Nordstrom, she also got a new one. Thanks for letting me vent.

Nice thread, btw.
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My wife went through two Skagen's, and both broke. Granted, they cost about $10 at century 21, but durability was terrible. Now she wears an eco-drive:

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Allright, I have to admit that I do have a Skagen. Titanium case, interesting square case. But I never wear it. a) I am not that big a fan of quartz anymore b) the rubber strap is uncomfortable c) big scratch on crystal d) even my cheapest Soviet watch (a $35 with shipping Albatross Amphibia) has more character and Panache But for quartz they make interesting designs, quite low profile (for quartz). Edit: I also have a Citizen Ecodrive San Remo chronograph that while nice does not get much wear. I have it on a nice Bros Dakota brown strap but still...
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Originally Posted by gdl203
chorse123 - Since you picked a sports watch as an example for your post, the two brands that come to mind and that I would recommend (in the new watch category - i.e. not vintage or second-hand) are Seiko and Hamilton.

Here's an example of Hamilton that I like in that price range:

Are you actually looking for one or is it just a discussion topic?

I own that one with a brown leather band.
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Okay, y'all effectively spooked me off the Skagens, although I do like the styling.
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
I own that one with a brown leather band.

I'm wearing that watch now.... with a brown leather band. Purchased mine at
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