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the look book is up at WWM but I wish they had better shots of the pea coat with the toggles.
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Some new stuff up on HIP Leeds: Striped Maine Guide, corduroy Stream and grey parka among them. Decent prices too (for the UK anyway).
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Yeah... The field vest is like twice as expensive in the UK. Here's hoping Context gets a restock.
post #49 of 318 has updated their WWM collection - still haven't seen the pea coat with toggles anywhere.
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That striped navy/black fabric looks great in the woodsman shirt.
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Best price US stockists of the grey parka? Not willing to pay oi polloi or hip prices.
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Got an e-mail from Blackbird that they received their first shipment. Interesting that they are billing this as Daiki's last great WWM collection and took a not so subtle swipe at the Spring '11 collection and mentioning they won't be stocking WWM anymore after this.
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^ wwm never really fit into their store (even the field house) and their mediocre buys show it. Was in this morning, they have some parkas, some ugly belted jacket thing, few different vests, and shirts. No idea if they'll get more in, the employees working today were all clueless.
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From the e-mail I received it appears their buy is pretty big for the fall. WMCPS0271 Mountain Parka(in Midnight, and in Heather Grey) WMCPS0250 Upland Jacket (in Black x Navy) WMCPS0259 Sportsman Jacket (in Black x Navy) WMCPS0269 Storm Coat (in Black x Navy) WMCPS0278 Woodsman Poncho (in Black x Navy) WMCAM0118 Knock A Bout (in NvyBluRedTan) WMCAM0121 Upland Bd Shirt (in Black x Navy) WMCAM0124 Upland Bd Shirt (in NvyWhtGrn) WMCAM0128 Woodsman Shirt (in Black x Navy) WMCAM0129 Woodsman Shirt (in Black x Navy Herringbone Wool) WMACC0165 Weekend Pack (in Dark Navy in Melton wool) WMACC0166 Weekend Pack (in 24 0z. Black x Navy Plaid Wool) WMACC1067 Weekend Pack (in 24 oz. Black x Navy Stripe Wool) WMCPS0280 Trail Vest (in Midnight, and in Heather Grey) WMCPS0286 Railroad Vest (in Grey Flannel Wool) WMCPS0287 Railroad Vest (in Black x Navy Herringbone wool)
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So If I already own the stream jacket in the blue with black stripes would buying the poncho in the same material be too much....?
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I have a maine guide jacket, medium in the black/blue plaid if anybody would trade for the straight navy or striped black/blue. Thanks - if not, it will be available to buy.
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Picked up the stag shirt jack in wool / cotton Saturday and damn it was cold enough in NY to wear tonight.
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Blackbird's buy is live.
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I'm really liking those railroad vests, cant decide on color/material to get yet, wish I could see this shit irl, why nobody in Canada carries wwm is beyond me....
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post
... why nobody in Canada carries wwm is beyond me....

Because they can't. There is a trademark issue, though I've heard that it will be resolved shortly.
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