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Originally Posted by adg View Post
Have any of you had quality issues with Woolrich Woolen Mills merchandise, or the Maine Guide jacket specifically? I received a Main Guide jacket today and one of the buttons has already fallen off, and many of the others are about to. When I pull on a long hanging thread to check to see if a button is likely to come undone, the thread starts unraveling from the button.
That's kind of like a hit/miss situation with most brands really. Whenever I see a long~ish thread coming from the button I just put a cigarette tip to it and burn it down and tap it with my fingertip once the burning part of the thread gets near the button, it usually fuses it to the button and will rarely, if ever, come undone. Never ever pull on it unless you're ready to sow it back on.
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Originally Posted by adg View Post
Thanks for the responses canstyleace and racknac. I received a WWM Maine Guides jacket (melton wool version) in the mail an hour ago. I assume the jacket will not be as warm as a down-insulated jacket with windproof shell, but I'm hoping with an undershirt and button down shirt (a sweater on really cold days) it can keep me warm enough in 10-20 F weather. It's in the 40s this week in Chicago, but once it gets colder, I'll post with an update about how warm the jacket is. Thanks again, adg
Your layering plan sounds good, I live in Toronto and also have a melton wool maine guide that I've used in winter and usually layered just like you describe only dont forget the scarf and hat, a warm neck and head make all the difference, especially in windy winter weather.
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Does anyone know of a jacket that is very similar to the Maine Guide jacket but that has a more substantial lining? I really like the look of the Maine Guide jacket, especially the round collar that fades into the button area, but I want something that feels less bare bone. Also, please let me know if this question should be taken to a new post.
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Not sure if I'll need it yet but wondering if somebody could proxy for the gilt sale tomorrow?
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i dont think those pieces are WWM
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They are, just check out the "Buyer's Pick's."
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They namedrop Daiki so wouldn't they have to be?
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this jacket doesn't look familiar which is it?
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^^That is the Mountain Parka. They also have it in dark navy with blue and black plaid wool lining.
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i want a few of their sweaters so maybe they will pop up if i wear an xl in the outerwear would i wear an xl in the sweaters or would they be baggy
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I want some sweaters too, I'm going with same size as outer btw, hope some pants are in that sale too.
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I have the Mountain Parka in Navy, it is awesome.
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Nvmd, nothing interesting in my size was available.
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Impulse kopped a pair of these

Wool/Cotton WWM Jeans in Navy Black.
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Picked up the Corduroy Ranger Pants

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