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Linen Jeans (PiCs)

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I love linen jeans. Nice and light for the summer. I've had problems with the buttons on the fly coming out, though. Probably due to the heavy use the jeans have seen over the years.

What's with that jacket and shirt?
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Some older people I know wear these. I don't like the mongrels personally.
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I have two pairs from Diesel that instantly become part of the rotation when the temperature hits 80+.
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New to me -- I like the idea!
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I had a nice pair of Boss ones but I wore them to the studio and ended up getting covered in oil paint- oops! It's about a million degrees outside now and I'm wearing a pair of cords, think I need to go summer shopping...
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I love this kind of thing. I've been wearing them for several years now.
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Linen Jeans:
Since dressing well is a visual art I present exhibit A for a hot summer day:
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Without passing judgment on the jeans one way or another, I've always found the Clark's Register catalogue and website to be kind of odd. I'm not sure why.
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I had a pair of linen jeans about 10 years ago and they are surprisingly nice. Very comfortable and I don't mind the wrinkliness of linen in a denim jean.
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I posted this on AA also, the difference in responses should prove to be 'interesting' at the least.
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Originally Posted by Girardian
New to me -- I like the idea!

Same here. There's no such thing where I live, but maybe there should be.
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Where are those pics from?
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This drives me potty - where could I find linen jeans that do not look like they are made for a retiree? I have not seen any for sale anywhere.
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Here's linen jeans by Zegna and Brioni--
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