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Very true. There is always the allure, but the number of people I know personally outside of the fora who have even heard of Marinella (or Drake's for that matter) much less actually own one of their ties would be I'm never worried about running into someone wearing the same tie as me. David, I would have to think that Drake's would have some input on designs and exclusivity of fabric. Surely there is some back and forth rather than simply veto or approval of finished designs.
Alan, I agree with your thoughts about Drakes and Marinella. I am not sure if they are even available in Denver. Although The STP store is not far from here by car. Yes, there is some back and forth, but the silk mills have in-house designers that do a good deal of work, at least that is what the designers tell me. And they always seem very, very busy when I talk to them on the phone. With baby Samantha around we don't travel much these days. Interestingly in Italy they always seem very relaxed at the mills. When I was a boy my father was still very active in our business and when he would go to Italy to order fabrics the whole factory would have a relaxing lunch together, sometimes in the owners' house. Keep in mind that although we would order thousands of yards at a time (usually wool for clothes) we typically would work with yarns on hand at the mill through which we would "interpret" our color-story.