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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

The "sponsored by" made me chuckle. The whole look is good. Re: the discussion from yesterday/whenever-it-was on using lavender-coloured shirts with dark earth tones like that jacket, I think you've pulled it off, but mainly thanks to the blue of the jumper providing some visual break-up. I still think lilac is best suited to other shades than earth tones, but that's not to say I don't think you haven't created a nice look here.

Originally Posted by Sotiris View Post
No need to apologize. I'm here to learn and improve. I want all the harsh criticism. Do you mean the problems can't be tailored? Just not sure what I can do here. I am still losing a few more pounds, and can say it seemed the suit looked much better when I tried it on in the store a couple weeks ago.

If you're still losing weight (congratulations on that, btw), then ignore fit worries until you reach your intended steady-state (and stay there for at least a month) or you'll just end up chasing your own tail!

Originally Posted by MBreinin View Post
Inspired by nature, specifically...by minerals.

That's a clever choice.
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Love this pattern and color combinations. Very nice!

A solid cream linen jacket seems like it should be easy to work with. But most of the time people want to throw every Crayon in the box at it and it begins to look way too busy and costumey. This has a relaxed, quiet sophistication.

Originally Posted by TTO View Post

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Afternoon Gents,

@Holdfast - Great idea - you're right the picture is fantastic.

@SpooPoker - Great stuff.

@Porcelain Monkey - Interesting idea - Like it.

@MBreinin - Love the shoes.


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Winter's Blue and Grey with a hint of Spring on its way...

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Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post
Well, that's different - usually, it's the Charvet that gets no love around here.

As for "atrocious" in terms of the shirt, jacket and pants, please articulate - are we talking too loose, or some other measurement of atrocity. For the record, I am not in the least offended by the observation - I am genuinely interested in what exactly you're seeing that you don't like.

My guess is that everything is a bit big, loose and boxy. The jacket seems to slide off of your shoulders a bit rather than having the sleeve heads hit where your natural shoulder is. The trouser legs could perhaps be tapered slightly. I might not have said atrocious, but that is my observation. As for the tie, I have an aunt who wears purple every day in one part of her outfit (and she is a rather large woman, so it can be a lot of purple). I think it has ruined that color for me.
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Originally Posted by TRINI View Post
Matching your pocket square to the dog is some next level shit.
Matching his pocket square to the dog AND to the edges of the butterfly's wings is some next-next level shit.

Originally Posted by Chico2007 View Post
Preview(if my wife ever finds out i'm doing these things...lol)
A guy could have worse secrets, ya know.

Originally Posted by Sotiris View Post
Went back and forth on tie selection. Fixed my socks. Still need to figure out how to get better lighting and better pictures in general. All comments welcome!
Suit looks too big all the way 'round. It looks like there's a lot of extra material in the slacks, and either the jacket is too short or the crotch of the slacks is hanging too low.

Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post
First person to dress in a fur coat and pose like this in a field, wins the Nature contest.
We all know who has the coat for it.
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Friday Challenge

A spring night

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Not a regular WAYWRN poster, but couldn't resist to participate in this weeks challenge.

Here's my inspiration, although it's not the season (well, maybe in the southern hemisphere...)

Cell phone pics, no full body shot (nothing to miss though, just dark Levi's 506 and suede boots)
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Bit of a weak effort, especially compared to all you guys. But I'm leaving for vacation this afternoon and so didn't have a chance to put together a good fit.

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Originally Posted by TTO View Post

Once again, thanks Sartorialism, for the hook up on the awesome RLPL sportscoat!


-took a lot of effort not to wear the panama today!

This is really, really nice. I love your style, TTO.
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Originally Posted by UrbanComposition View Post
No. The fok I always like to start with a complement, but I've had some Fernet, so I'm sorry. However, I'll say this: the jacket fits remarkably well. Find out if the dude died, and if so, if his family's having an estate sale. You look like you grabbed a time machine & set that tchit on random, & beat up hobos for the clothes they were gonna donate. Dude, you are wearing moccasins. FUGGIN MOCCASINS.
They were a thought. Not a terribly good one, but that was part of doing that bit last night. Trying to figure things out and what not. As far as the Jacket goes, it was picked up recently on ebay and from what I can tell is actually from 1973. Looking at it now after some discussion and other things, the lapels are huge, but I like it, mostly because of the fit. I was thinking about replacing the shoulder pads and shortening the sleeves though.
Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post
The jacket fits well, the tie looks nice enough, the belt is inoffensive, and, from what I can tell, the pants may not cause people to self-immolate IRL. The shirt made my bowels move and the shoes took at least a year off my life. Unless you are paying homage to a mud puddle for Holdfast's challenge today, don't do it (assuming there is still time).
I didn't. As above, that's part of the reason for posting it ahead of time. My shoe choices are rather limited thus far, but I'm working on that. I ended up in the same pair of shoes I've had on half of the week. For the shirt I took Spoo's advice and went cream. The shirt seems a bit loose to my taste, but I bought it when I was about 30 lbs heavier. Here's how it came out. The first two are before leaving the house this morning. Apparently I left my hat in the car, so it came along, thus I got pictures outside a few minutes ago.
Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post
BTW - I liked your posts in the Vox thread, and theories about the lifecycle of Internet forums.
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^ Excellent choice on swapping the shirt and shoes.
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Originally Posted by mktitsworth View Post

Much better. Congrats on losing the weight.
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post
I really like this look my friend.
Originally Posted by londonchris View Post
Just trying a new jacket on (hence the labels). Sorry for the self pics. This is my first post here so don't be too brutal!!
The SC is not bad but sleeves definitely need to be shortened. However, before you worry about the SC, you definitely should rethink your choice of shirts. Do yourself a favor and buy some new shirts first. If you need help with suggestions, I would be more than happy to help.
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
I call your MBreinin and raise you a w.o.e. is me I don't love dem hoes I'm out the door..
I really like that fabric. Is that TF or do you have any idea who makes the fabric for the suit? Thanks. -LR
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