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Superb Customer Service - Share your Story

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It's not hard to find posts in this forum where poor customer service was given, and it does seem to be true that people are more willing to share negative experiences than positive ones. However...

Most of us probably spend significant dollars on clothing, and I for one, would like to know where I'm more likely to get good service, or good service after the sale.

My story is below, hope you have one to share. It could help us all as we determine where to buy.

My favorite pair of everyday shoes for years has been a pair of Church's boots. I wore them all the time and the wear began to show, particularly on the sole, which was of a softer compound. I considered taking them to a local cobbler, but after inquiring about Church's recrafting process in this thread, I elected to send them back to England for a full service.

When I got them back, they had several issues, detailed in this thread -

I made numerous attempts to contact the Church retail store in NY, but had trouble getting assistance, and was getting a bit aggravated. Fortunately, a sales clerk finally provided me the phone number of Dominick Lauria. Dominic listened very attentively to the issues and took immediate action, sending my shoes back to the factory. He did some research and determined that I didn't have the Tasmania, I had the Crowley boot, hence the confusion.

Dominick has returned my original boots to me, but to rectify the sole situation, and without a request from me (or even mentioning it to me), he asked the factory to make me another pair of Crowleys, on the old 103 last. A discontinued shoe on a discontinued last!

Through all of this Dominick has provided timely, proactive updates to me on the progress, not waiting for me to call him.

Here's the kicker - Dominick is not a customer service rep or a clerk, he's the President of Church's USA. Needless to say, I will be buying more shoes from Church's.
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Received a Christmas card thank you from my salesman at Brooks Brothers. When I go in there and he's not working I get NO service at all.....their loss on commission.
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