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Jantzen - please talk to me

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I emailed Jantzen on the weekend about getting some shirts made. Should I expect a response? I know many others here have said they are not overly quick - it could be because they are extremely busy or they're not fans of email...
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Extremely busy. Calling seems to be the best way.
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Folks with large orders don't get e-mail responses. I'd be shocked if a new customer did.

Honestly, they should just stop taking e-mail.
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You will most likely not hear from jantzentailor in the near future. If you cant stand this kind of service, then jantzentailor is not for you.

If you insist on trying out jantzentailor keep your expectations low and you may not get disappointed (i was a bit disappointed due to my high expectations and poor quality control after all the raving critiques).
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What? You mean Ricky is not G-d? Call Pastor Bresch! This is heresy!
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I faxed one order and emailed a PDF on April 7. I got an email from Ricky on May 20 stating that he "Will send asap!" My card was charged that day. No news on the faxed order, but I will post updates.
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