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Laundress Sweater Service

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Thread Starter Has anyone used this before? I just don't trust dry cleaners anymore, and I maintain my own shirts, pants, cotton, and leather goods with aplomb, but I don't have the patience or time to do the same for knitwear. I've seen their detergent mentioned briefly on here, but has anyone done the full-fledged service? It's not as if knits need to be spruced up very regularly, anyway.
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Not I.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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$36!!! just do that shit yourself mang.
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I totally want to do it and post my experiences.
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Looks to be 36 bucks and you pay to get it there. Wowzas. PS, lack of response may be tht I always assumed this post was spam.
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Lolol didn't mean to write it that way. Yeah, it is a lot, but what do you guys do for really high-end knits that you want to clean once or twice a season? By hand, or trust to chance at the cleaners? Maybe someone should post for me detailed instructions about how to hand wash without f**cking it up. I feel like the blocking stage is hard.
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Its not that hard. Follow the care tag. Mostly everything can be hadnwashed in cold water.
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don't wash knits in water. I just dropped off my knits and some Raf shirts (even a cheapy N. Hoolywood 70/30 blend fleece thing and a +J beanie) at the local 5-star hotel for cleaning. Shit is expensive, $15 a knit, which is a lot for here, but yeah, you only clean them once a season and my Jil cloverneck is a grail item which can't be fucked with....
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Interesting conflicting advice here......
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try it out once. $40 won't kill you (I hope)
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I wouldn't dry clean any nice sweater. Strips the lanolin out of the wool

Buy Laundress wool and cashmere soap (swear by it) and do it yourself. If you're washer has a handwash setting (newer ones do) use that, otherwise just use sink. Either case rinse after cleaning or soaking to get rid of soap

Dont wring or twist them dry. Can put them in washer spin cycle if you have a laundry bag. Then dry flat

I don't understand the don't use water comment but maybe that poster can explain

It's very easy
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Do I have to reshape the sweater before flattening? Would you advise sandwiching it between towels?
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i've just layed sweaters flat on a towel
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I have a flat drying rack i use that works fine.
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