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Alteration question

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Has anyone had experience with having lapels re-sized or altered?

Joe Calautti of Rizzos in Cambridge (for those who know him) told me that in the past they used to resize/trim down some wide lapels.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this, and would appreciate any observations or advice.

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Do you plan to have the buttonhole rewoven and re-placed? Typically that is a major consideration.
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Excellent point.

I don't know what/how Joe used to do it.

I'll have to check into the possibilities once I get a closer look at the jacket I'm considering.
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Don't get me wrong, the reweaving is possible assuming you have a little spare fabric. However, it's not that cheap to do it, especially since it has to be perfect in such a visible place.

Another option depending on the lapel might be to cut it more straight or concave than it originally was, or possibly re-padstitch it to roll higher and more gradually (and thus appear narrower). Don't know if this is a common or even possible procedure, but it's a thought.
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