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Isaia : Sirio vs. Enrico

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i am about to treat myself with an Isaia suit from Haberdasher after i read so much about them here. The coice is between a charcoal Sb 3 button Model Enrico and a dark grey triple pin-stripe Sb 3 button Model Sirio. I understand that the Sirio line has more natural shoulders. Has anyone had the chance to inspect or even wear both models? Any impressions and comments especially on the shoulder line are welcomed
Note : The Enrico is only the name of that model, it is not from the more pricey Enrico Isaia lin afaik.

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I have one of the Enrico model and it fits very nicely , much better than other suits in the same size.
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For those with the Enrico - can you tell me if there is a (feels like foam) piece of shoulder padding on the back side of the shoulder and down the back of the sleeve? I have an Enrico that I thought was nearly new but it looks like someone may have done something wonky with the shoulders. (I apologize for trying to sell it - I really had no idea until just a few minutes ago.)

I am probably going to get in there and have a look, but I want to know what should be there originally. Thanks.

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