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Things that are making you thankful

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Well, we'll see if this thread is as successful as its siblings.

But today I learned that a friend of mine and his wife have had some terrible news. They were expecting sometime in the next month or two, but at a recent ultrasound they found water on the baby's brain and had to take it right away. Turns out there were myriad issues with this baby, springing from some not-yet-fully-understood chromosomal issues. The baby is missing a kidney, has numerous physical defects, has other major organ problems, and likely major brain damage and other impairment.

Now two days after the birth of their child, they have had it baptized and are going to have to unplug it from life support. Worse, the doctors think that while it is likely the baby will die quickly, it is possible it could live on for up to 18 months, in their estimation. So their ordeal may not be over quickly.

As a new parent, I remember the trepidations that surrounded the birth of my child, and the immense relief and joy when she was born healthy and happy. I simply cannot imagine the horror of having that day go so vastly wrong. I am thankful for all my blessings today.
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when I was about 30, my best friend had his first baby, with very similar issues. the baby lived a year and a bit, and then died. it was truly horrific.

having 3 healthy children and a healthy, happy wife makes me very thankful.
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I can't imagine trying to cope with a situation like this. May your friends find peace, D.
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What a horrible situation. We'll include them in our prayer meeting.
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Douglas, I'm very sorry to hear of your friends' loss. I can't imagine how hard this must be for them.

82 (stressful) more days until our first is born and I can breathe my first little sigh of relief and prayer of thanks.
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Originally Posted by Dakota rube View Post
I can't imagine trying to cope with a situation like this.
May your friends find peace, D.

+1, and I'm cheaping out with a +1 because DR said everything I wanted to say, and better.
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All of my best to your friends. What a tragic situation.
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Absolutely a nightmare scenario. So sorry for your friends.
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I'm thankful that I'm all good. Nothing to bad or amazing.
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1) That's pretty awful. I feel sorry for the family.

2) I'm too young, healthy, and untested by tragedy to be thankful for much. I am thankful to my parents for providing me with a college education though.
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Mercifully, baby A died today at 6pm. At least there is some closure.
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Christ. I don't even know these folks and this story gives me a stomach ache. be well doug.
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Baby girl A had Trisomy 18, aka Edwards Syndrome. Apparently most of these babies don't make it to term, and she never really had a chance. She died in her father's arms with her mother singing a lullaby. Funeral will be held later this week. May all of you (and your families) be healthy and well.
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^One of RubeBabeI's friends lost an infant to Trisomy 18. Devastating.
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