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tuck or untuck??

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i think this can be a major factor in an outfit...i just got a stripey white and black paul smith with embroideries,i have a pair of suit pants a nice leather belt and shoes....i'm going to a college interview...what do you guys think tuck or untucK??
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Always tuck, and wear a sportcoat if you have one.
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I'm assuming this is a shirt we're talking about? Have you already done your essay?

Unless this is an art school, I'd go with a plain buttondown (paired with a blazer is even better).

Christ, times have changed, I think I did my college interviews in button-downs, rep ties, and a navy blazer. And that wasn't THAT long ago.
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An interview?!?! Whether or not to tuck in your shirt shouldn't even be a question. ALWAYS tuck in for an interview.
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thanks guys...and yes its a shir...i'll be considering that sportcoat/blazer thing i think i'll buy one, any good ones you can suggest me??
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You might want to think about getting a different shirt, if it is really embroidered.
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For an interview you want to look classic and conservative, in my opinion. I suppose it depends largely on the school and the level of formality they expect, but ALWAYS tuck your shirt in; to not tuck in this situation would just appear careless.

I also secodn the idea of a sportcoat.
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Sounds like the wrong shirt for an interview.
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These days I don't think a tie is expected or even a requisite for applicants. What kind of college is this? Better yet, what college is it?
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the shirt is not really embroidered(no huge designs or graphics),i'm going to NYU next year(hopefully)...
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Seems like an odd time of year for a US college interview... anyway, best of luck, and tuck in the shirt.
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tahnks guys...i was scheduled for a late interview(i nearly missed it!!)
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