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Shoe problem 2 - how to fix?

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I've just dug out a pair old(ish) shoes which sad to say, I haven't really taken that good care of. Hopefully its not a sin for me to post this, but there are these largest creases on the captoe.. I don't recall any physical damage done to it, but at the same time I'm not quite sure what to do in order to fix it (if it is even possible)..

Thought I'd post here before taking it down to a cobbler to see if it can be salvaged or not...

any input would be great... hope the pics are clear enough
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Shoe Trees!

See what a shoe repair shop can do to get the wrinkles out and then always put shoe trees in your shoes when your feet aren't there!

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Those are typical creases of thinner, softer leather. I have a pair of Bally captoes with a similar long toe cap that have similar creases in them. Unfortunately most shoe trees don't stretch that area of the shoe, so you might instead stuff some newspaper in there to keep them in shape after wearing. Also, try to be careful in dress shoes not to bend your feet as far as you possibly can.
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Try hitting them hard with leather conditioner. Apply it very liberally, let it soak in, then apply some more. Stuff shoes with newspaper and leave to dry overnight. It'll do wonders for restoring the shape.
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It appears as though the material that shapes the toe box has collapsed. This is permanent damage and could only be fixed if the shoe was relasted with a new toe box. However, this would be costly and there are not many cobblers experienced enough to perform this proceedure. I would start as a practice to use shoe trees because it is apparent by the creasing in the instep that you do not use them. One in every pair!

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Here are the toes of my (pre-SF purchase) Bally captoes:

I used trees religiously but these long soft toe caps are just a bad design. You almost can't help creasing the toe box because it's either soft enough for that or hard enough that the box cuts into the top of your foot. But I think you should be able to restore some of the look by using Doc's suggestion. Hopefully they will pop back into shape.
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Thanks for all the suggestions folks.. will give Doc's suggestion a try soon. It's a pair of Hugo Boss shoes, so i'm guessing the quality of the leather isn't top notch.. lets see how it goes..
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The problem cannot be fixed.

It is somewhat the same as trying to repair a bent section in a tubular column. Once it is creased and developes that weak spot, it will bend first in that same place. Normal wear that would not cause the crease in the first place, will stress that location enough to bend it again in the same spot - time afeter time.

Puff it up, insert trees, sell on eBay, with trees and notation.

Good looking shoes in every other respect.
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