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Drink it! (i work for coke)

That said, we do a lot more growth in teas/sports drinks, etc. We do the distribution for a lot of other brands (glaceau vitamin water, etc.)
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Coke is wasteful, just think of all of those little cans being thrown away.

I'm sorry I'm quite the hippy it seems.
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I drank diet soda almost exclusively (other than water at the gym) for years. I started reading about a lot of the negatives that have been posted here and decided to give it up. I weaned myself by switching to carbonated water and didn't really miss it. I still have diet soda if I'm out somewhere, but now it's the exception instead of the rule. I'm researching home carbonation systems so I can make my own sparkling water.
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How about Sprite? I had one at a friend's place on the weekend, was the first time I had one in years, and I liked it. I've read that it contains slightly less calories and slightly less sugars, but is this enough to make a difference? and what of the acidic content/caffeine, etc?
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