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Navy Inverallan Cardigan ~ size 41

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I just received my Inverallan cardigan which I ordered back in October. Unfortunately, the measurements are slightly larger than my specifications and it's just too big on me. They offered to take it back, but I figured I would offer it on here first to save the trouble of shipping it back to Scotland. The measurements are below. So if you're in the market for one of these and don't want to wait the 11 weeks that I did (making the sweater + shipping) then here's your chance. The model is 6A and the color is Navy. p2p = 41" Underarm to Cuff = 19" Neck to Hem = 26.5" SOLD If I don't get any takers in the next few days I'll just send it back. Thanks for looking.
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What size did you specify?
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I asked for a 38", which they said was "neat", so true to size. The other measurements are pretty close, but once the chest is too big it throws off the positioning of the sleeves too. I really wish this fit me, it's a beautiful sweater.
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wow it looks amazing!
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wow that is nice.
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that has to be the most beautiful cardigan I have ever laid eyes on. It's unfortunate that it didn't fit you. I feel your pain.. someone hop on this
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if im a 42R with a 43-44" in chest, do you think this would fit? are you saying that you're a 38 and this is somewhat like a 40?
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PM Sent
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Wow. I pined and pined for one of these, but went for an Our Legacy (about 2/3 as much $) instead. I wish I could justify picking this up from you.
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I was looking at that Our Legacy cardigan as well actually :P

cheessus: I'm a 38, which is the measurement I requested, but it happened to come out as 41" for whatever reason. 43" might be a bit tight, but the sweater will likely stretch out a bit. I can't say how much it will stretch though, this is the first sweater I've ever owned like this.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post
PM Sent

Dang Epaulet may buy this? That's a hot piece right there. My new goal is to have an affiliate buy one of my items.
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Fantastic cardigan, and my size. Alas.
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Whoever gets this needs to post a fit pic.
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This is really nice,how does one go about ordering one of these?
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