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Which plaid?

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Which one would you choose for a SB, 3-roll-2, notch-lapel jacket with hacking (slant) pockets, ticket pocket, an SB vest, and high-back trousers? Style is A&S-style soft via Tom Mahon. I've already made my choice weeks ago, so the decision can't be changed, so be nice. I wish I could upload the full-res picture, but hopefully this is OK.

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Are you going to wear this year round or for select seasons? All of these are excellent choices, if a bit subtle in colour difference. The weight is what I'd focus on, myself. Secondly, just get what colour your heart tells you. Do you like a more defined or subtle plaid? light or dark colours? blue check? My personal favourite just going by colour is the 4457.
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Just on color, the top of each row.
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I'd like the blue overcheck to be quite visible, so I'm going to say SW5434.
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4457, but only because it is the same pattern of my favorite suit. p.s. don't ever start staring at the pattern after a pleasant smoke!
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I rather like all of them.. but 2858 would be my first choice
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2858 partly for the weight, the larger check, and that it is less sharply defined. 5432 is prettier to me as a swatch but I'm suspect it wouldn't look as good worn. I'm actually in the process of choosing a POW w/ blue overcheck too so this is helpful, thanks.
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Top right.
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I have 4638

So, I guess I'd say that.
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4457, especially with a vest
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Originally Posted by yachtie
4457, especially with a vest

Bond, James Bond.
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Thanks everyone. I went with 4457 because it most resembled the cloth I originally picked. Tom found out the first cloth I picked had run out when he got back, and mailed me the swatches you see. They're all pretty good, with only the hand of each cloth really differentiating them.

I'm looking forward to my first fitting in 2 weeks. If all goes well, I'm thinking of starting either a hacking jacket or a DB suit ... can't decide yet.

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4457 would have been my pick. With rare exceptions, I prefer glen plaids to be distinct.

However, the Smith Gilt Edge / Gilt Twist book has some nice high twist 8 ounce glen plaids that are a little "fuzzy" (possible overdyed?) that nonetheless look quite elegant. The colors are great. One of the rare super-lightweights that (almost) delivers what it promises.
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