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Polo Tellman question

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I just wonder how the size runs on the Tellman. Would I fit in an 8 if I usually wear 8.5? Thanks ps: and also, are they really narrow or just about the same compared to other shoes?
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I have not bought a pair yet, but have tried them on several times in the past weeks preparing to buy some.

They seem a bit tighter to me than the fit of the Benton. That being said however I wear a 9D in AE, in Alden and in Polo MacKay (EG) and the Polo Benton (C&J??.)

It does seem the last the Tellman is made on is a bit tighter but still within the same sizing width and length parameters. Just maybe a bit thinner across the laces.

You only would subtract a 1/2 size if you were buying them in UK sizing.

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Strange. I tried both the Tellman and Benton on, and I didn't feel any size difference.
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I purchased a pair from GVH on ebay. I normally wear 11.5D and dropped down to 11D. Very snug across the front of my foot. They will need to stretch slightly in a few areas. I will wear them around the house a few nights to break them in.
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If you are buying from GVH the sizing is US...
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