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shoe problem

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Hey all,
So i was touching up a pair of black huge boss laceups, putting a mirror shine on them, when i noticed something on the right shoe: on the toe cap it almost looks as if part of the polish leaked/got washed off, and regardless of how much i buffer/add polish, it won't go away.


any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
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I believe your shoes are made from "Ëścoated leather', i.e. leather which has been sprayed on with a coat of plastic (just like varnish on wood).
That plastic seems to have come off in parts.

I don't think there is anything you can do. Contact Boss and complain bitterly.
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I agree with the post of Bengal-Stripe.....it's a leather coated (like box binded for Chusch's).

The only thing to do is to solve the coat of plastic with acetone on a piece of coton.

After the total extraction of the plastic..you will be able to put a cream and after a cirage to shine all the shoe...like mine:

Best regards.

Georges V in Paris, France
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Those shoes look great.
Can you give me some idea about how long it took to get the plastic off of the shoes. Small cotton balls, or large sized cloth that you just rubbed them with? Any other advice on cleaning up the corrected grain plastic finish? I'm about the try this - at least I'm considering it - on a pair of Allen Edmonds saddle shoes in the Polished Cobbler. Your results do really look good. The leather seems able to absorb some of the polish now. How did the shoe coloring work out when you wore them?
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doesnt make sense. you just said that the area where the plastic came off is not able to have polish applied.
so why do you want to take off all the plastic? you said you were giving a mirror polish to the shoes, presumably while the plastic was still on.
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So would the process be to use acetone to remove the plastic layer on both shoes and then reapply the polish so that it looks uniform all around? Wouldn't that make the entire shoe look like dull area that is currently lacking the plastic layer?

Would this be something better left to a cobbler to fix? And about how much would you expect that to cost?
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Before you do anything, contact Hugo Boss and ask for their opinion.
They ought to put it right.
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