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Pocket square preference

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I have a dinner coming up this weekend and I'm planning to wear a black self-stripe, 3 button single with double vents, a high collar shirt - white with dark slate blue stripes (even width about 8mm) and either a plain black tie or a silver (very close to white) tie which has a bit of a shimmer. Want to go with a pocket square, but unsure of the color. White would be the obvious choice, but is it the best - any suggestions?

Also, there's so many ways to fold and play with a pocket square. What's your preference?
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White TV fold would certainly work. Your color palette is a bit severe, so the sharp strip of white would harmonize nicely. Or you could go with a square that includes blue to pick up the shirt color. But I'd probably lean toward a nice white linen.
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I always thought that it would be pretty cool to wear a black pocket square with a tv fold. As I'm picturing it in my head, it seems like an outfit where a black square would work. But, this would not be the obvious or traditional choice. If you don't really want your pocket square to stand out, then go with the white as Doc said.
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white linen with a tv fold is the best choice
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If you want color, I think a nice soft light blue would look nice. Light enough to compliment all the contrast you have, but enough color to add to your choices.
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I think it'll be white in the end. The outfit is meant to be a tad severe, I suppose that's the kind of guy I am. I've got to put it together this week to ensure I'm happy with it, because I saw a tie today that would be pretty good should I not be happy.

Seems many go with the TV fold. When would a flourish be more appropriate?
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Oh and linen vs silk? You're opting for the linen.... why is that?
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linen is easier to fold, silk makes a better puff i'm not a fan of sheen either
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TV fold accentuates the "severe" style you've got going. A puff would soften it, if you like that idea.

Personally, I'd go with the fold.
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Cheers.. will give it a whirl!
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